Election Signs on Public Property

In order to protect public safety and public amenities, yet allow candidates in the municipal election campaign to make use of public space for election purposes, the City of Victoria Election Procedures Bylaw establishes the requirements for placement, management and removal of election campaign signage.

General Requirements

  • Sign permits are not required
  • Signs must not be visible from any voting place
  • Signs must not be illuminated, animated, rotating, flashing or have moving lights or other electrical features
  • Signs must meet the requirements of the Local Election Campaign Financing Act
  • Elections signs for municipal or school trustee elections or by-elections, or referenda are permitted only within the municipal election period, beginning with the first day of the nomination period
  • Signs must be removed with four (4) days after the election or referendum vote

General Prohibitions

Signs are prohibited on:
  • Medians and traffic islands, and in planting beds
  • Boulevard trees, or within one (1) metre of a boulevard tree
  • All City facilities or structures, parks, and playing fields, including the adjoining boulevard area

Signs are prohibited on public or private property that:

  • Are within one (1) metre of a fire hydrant
  • Obstruct or detract from any traffic control device or signage
  • Obstruct the line of vision at an intersection
  • Are placed in a manner that may constitute a hazard to pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles

General Enforcement

  • Signs installed in prohibited areas will be removed by City staff if not removed or relocated within 24 hours notice to the applicable candidate or campaign office
  • Where there are immediate safety concerns or damage to municipal property, City staff will immediately remove the signs and then contact the candidate or campaign office
  • The City will assume no responsibility for any damage to election signs where they are removed by city staff in prohibited locations

Additional Candidate Responsibilities

  • Persons installing signs on municipal property must be aware of the risk of damage to underground utilities. A call must be made by the candidate or their agent to the City at least 48 hours in advance of the installation in order to confirm that the location chosen is safe.
  • Any damage to underground utilities or services as a result of election signs being placed on municipal property is the responsibility of the candidates and their agents
  • Candidates and their agents are liable for any damage done to City property in placement of election signs on municipal property
  • Candidates and their agents should also reference applicable Provincial and Federal statutes and regulations for additional requirements

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