Citizen & Business Surveys

The City of Victoria conducts regular surveys to solicit input from randomly selected residents and businesses.

These surveys are conducted to learn about their quality of life perceptions, customer satisfaction levels with City services, programs, facilities, project priorities and municipal funding and spending.

Citizen Surveys have been conducted since 2003. In 2010, the City implemented a Business Survey for the first time to obtain information from the business community regarding perceptions of municipal services/programs, spending, conditions, and regulations that affect them. Citizen and Business Surveys will be conducted every three years.

Information gained from both surveys assists the City in focusing on issues, policies, services and practices that hinder or support the community and/or businesses, as well as inform the City in its service delivery, planning and budgetary processes.

Data from the Surveys is used to:

  • Gauge satisfaction with services, facilities and communications over time
  • Identify and address priorities, needs, and issues that most influence perceptions of the city and quality of life
  • Inform strategies and plans
  • Allocate resources and align service delivery options to meet community needs
  • Establish performance baselines and targets