2015 Budget Information

Read the 2015 Financial Plan [PDF - 16.5 MB]

For 2015 the operating budget totals $217 million and the capital budget totals $82.3 million for 2015.The budget resulted in an overall property tax increase of 2.23%. Combined with utility fees, the overall increase to homeowners would be 2.3% and 2.27% for businesses. This equates to a $68 increase for an average household ($518,000 assessment) and a $165 increase for a typical business ($500,000 assessment).

2015 Documents and Resources

2015 Financial Plan Highlights

  • $1 million from new assessed revenue to reduce the property tax increase
  • $7.25 million over four years for new protected bike lanes for all ages and abilities
  • $2.08 million to build the David Foster Harbour Pathway
  • Over $19 million for maintaining the City's parks and recreation facilities, including 70 parks, 72 hectares of natural area, 39 playgrounds, 23 tennis courts and 45 sports fields
  • Over $66 million in public safety (policy, fire, bylaw and emergency management)
  • Over $1 million to support arts and events
  • $32 million for the Johnson Street Bridge replacement project
  • An additional $750,000 to the Victoria Housing Reserve to create affordable housing

2015 Public Consultation

Public consultation for the 2015 budget and strategic plan has closed. We received over 1,500 responses to our online survey and over 800 people participated in our Town Hall meeting either in person or online.

Council considered the feedback and made changes to the Financial Plan based on that input. The draft financial plan was presented to Council for initial review and consideration February 17-19. Click here to watch archived video of those meetings.