Current Initiatives

Looking for more information about a current initiative?  These resources will provide background information to help answer any questions you may have. Click here to have your say on current and upcoming projects, and learn more about upcoming events where you can connect with us and provide feedback.

  • New Active Transportation Network: A network of all ages and abilities cycling infrastructure is being implemented in the City of Victoria. Join City Staff starting in April to provide feedback on the design process for more 2019 Cycling Network projects for Vancouver Street, Harbour Road and Hillside Quadra. The Wharf Street and Humboldt Street revitalization project is currently under construction.  

  • Go Victoria: The City of Victoria needs a transportation system that is safe, efficient, and resilient. The City is developing a new mobility strategy in 2019 called Go Victoria. This strategy will define the vision for transportation over the coming decades. Go Victoria will establish a new framework for moving people, goods and services and will identify strategies and indicators for assessing the performance of transportation in our capital city.
  • Johnson Street Bridge Boulevard Landscaping: Upcoming boulevard construction work associated with the Johnson Street Bridge will be starting in late January. Construction will commence on boulevard enhancements on the north and south sides of Esquimalt Road.
  • Crystal Pool and Wellness Centre Replacement Project:  In December 2018 Victoria Council directed a change in the approach to delivering the project which is anticipated to lead to additional benefits even though it may mean a delay in constructing the new facility. Read more here.

  • Laurel Point Park Remediation: Learn about how the City of Victoria is partnering with Transport Canada to improve the environmental health of Laurel Point. Read more here.

  • Participatory Budgeting: Participatory Budgeting is an approach to city budgeting that is picking up momentum in cities around the gobe. This is a community-led and designed process where residents determine how to allocate a portion of a City budget. Victoria has recently completed our first participatory budgeting process.