Freedom of Information

The City of Victoria is committed to:

  • open and transparent government, including improved quantity and quality of records available online
  • providing easy access to information and records

The three primary methods to access City records are the City's website, direct contact with departments or formally under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

City records available online include:

Routinely available records:

Under sections 70 and 71 of FIPPA public bodies “must make available to the public, without a request for access under this Act” specific types of records including:

  • Policy and/or procedures manuals
  • Guidelines
  • Policy statements
  • Annual reports
  • Bylaws

If you are seeking information, the information can usually be provided routinely. You would not need to provide a written request for the information and the information is more often than not provided relatively quickly. To find out if the information you want is routinely available contact the City Department that you believe has the information. If the department you contact doesn't have the information you want, you will either be directed to the department that does or, if the information is not routinely available, you will be directed to staff that process access to information requests under FIPPA.

Submitting formal requests for access:

If the information you are seeking is not routinely available, you can submit a formal request for access under FIPPA. Section 5(1) of FIPPA requires all applicants to:

  • Request access to records
  • Request access in writing
  • Provide enough detail for staff to identify the records you have requested access to
  • Be reasonably confident that the City has the records or records you are seeking access to

If you require assistance with writing your request, please use one of the contact options below or call us at 250.361.0347. State the assistance you need and staff will respond within 48 hours.

To submit a formal request, please contact us at:

Fax: 250.361.0348


By mail or in person:
City of Victoria
1 Centennial Square
Victoria, B.C. V8X 1P6


The Act provides under section 75 that the City may charge fees for the costs of providing applicants with records. Commercial applicants must pay the actual cost of providing the service. Non-commercial applicants must pay $7.50 per quarter hour after the first three hours for locating, retrieving and preparing records for disclosure. Additional fees such as photocopying and shipping also apply. If there are costs involved in processing a formal request, we will provide an estimate before processing your application. A schedule of fees is contained in the City's Freedom of Information Administration Bylaw [PDF - 60 KB].

Victoria Police Department Information Requests

The Victoria Police Department is a separate local public body. All information requests for records in the custody or control of the Victoria Police Department must be directed to:

Legal Services Section
Victoria Police Department
Telephone: 250.995.7654