Make a Claim

If you have suffered a loss or injury and wish to make a claim against the municipality, you should provide written notice as soon as possible.



Section 736 of the Local Government Act requires that a claimant provide a municipality written notice of the time, place and manner in which the loss or injury occurred. This information should also include your name and contact information and be provided to the municipality within two months of the date the injury or loss was incurred.

Important information

It is important to include the following information when making a claim against a municipality:

  • Claimant's name, address and telephone number
  • Date and time of the incident
  • Exact location of the incident
  • Description of the loss or injury sustained
  • All supporting documents, including photographs, names of witnesses or invoices related to the incident

How do I submit my claim?

If you wish to submit your claim to the City of Victoria you may do so in writing.

By Mail
City Clerk
1 Centennial Square
Victoria, BC V8W 1P6

In Person:
City Hall
1 Centennial Square
Victoria, BC
(corner of Douglas Street and Pandora Avenue)

By Email:

By Fax:

Once I submit my claim, what happens?

Once you make a claim, the City will provide you with notification that it has been received. The City's insurer will then conduct an investigation and provide you with their response, usually within 60 days.

What if I disagree with the outcome?

If a person wishes to appeal a denial of their claim they may do so through legal action. Please note, section 735 of the Local Government Act requires that an action be commenced against a municipality no later than six months following the date the loss or injury occurred.

How are claims assessed by the City?

The City will not accept liability for a loss or injury unless there is clear evidence that the City's negligence caused on contributed to the loss. Like most municipalities, the City of Victoria provides compensation only when it is clear that it is legally liable for the damages sustained.

The intent of this policy is to provide an equitable balance of fairness to the claiming party and the taxpaying public, who ultimately bear the cost of these claims.

Rest assured the City and its insurer will conduct a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding your loss. Each claim will be investigated and determined on its own set of unique facts and circumstances.

Other insurance?

If you have insurance coverage of your own, make sure you report the loss to your insurance provider.