December 8, 2016

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at

2009 Fernwood Road Development Permit Application
A Development Permit with Variance was approved for 2009 Fernwood Road, the property next to the Fernwood Inn. This approved development will allow for a mixed use building including commercial and residential.

Cook and Oliphant Rezoning Application
Following a lengthy public hearing, Council approved a rezoning and development permit application with variance at 1041 Oliphant and 212-220 Cook Street. The approved development allows for a five story 53 unit mixed use development.

2016 Holiday Season Courtesy Parking Tickets
Parking Ambassadors will continue the practice of issuing holiday season courtesy parking “tickets” in the downtown core for vehicles parked at on-street meters that have been expired for up to 30 minutes from December 12 to 24. Parkers will be encouraged to “pay it forward” through a donation to a foodbank or charity in lieu of a monetary parking fine.

Work Continues on the Future of Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre
Three options for the facility were shared with Council for consideration.

  • Option 1 - Retrofit of the existing facility, including system upgrades, as well as some accessibility and programming improvements. The cost for this option is approximately $40 million, which would add approximately 30 years to the facility.
  • Option 2 – Renovation and expansion of the existing facility. The cost for this option is approximately $56 million and would add approximately 30 years to the facility. Upgrades would significantly improve accessibility, programming and would expand the building to accommodate new programs and a reconfigured leisure pool area.
  • Option 3 – Construction of a new aquatic centre which would meet both current and future needs for the next 50 years. The facility could be built in Central Park next to the current building. The cost would be approximately $68.4 million.

Council has asked staff to provide a more detailed analysis and explore more options for partnerships including working with non-profit recreation providers, federal and provincial funding partners, and non-profit housing providers.

2330 Richmond Road Rezoning and Development Permit with Variance
Council moved this proposed development to public hearing; no date for the hearing has been set. The proposed development would allow for a seven unit, three storey multi-family residential development.

90-92 Dallas Road Rezoning and Development Permit with Variance
Council moved this proposed rezoning and development permit with variance application to Public Hearing. The proposed application would allow for the construction of a new duplex.

Improvements to be explored for Centennial Square
The City will explore options for the renewal and revitalization for Centennial Square in the first half of 2017, through the development of a long-term plan for the plaza.

The plan will be informed by engagement underway as part of the Visual Victoria process and will incorporate potential renaming of the square, a mobile playfeature developed through a design-build competition, permanent washrooms, additional activities such as table tennis and the future of the fountain.

Possibilities for reducing the need for security, the potential for future office space for City staff, parking facilities, and/or the inclusion of other uses will also be explored. 

City to Prioritize Bike Lanes on Wharf Street
Council has directed staff to include Wharf Street in Phase 1 of the #BIKETORIA network implementation. The Government Street mall will be designed as part of the Visual Victoria process.

A #BIKETORIA workshop will be held with Council in early 2017 to plan out next steps.

City to Implement New Community Association Land Use Committee Model
The City will provide additional support and improve the membership model for the Community Association Land Use Committees (CALUC.) Under the new model, CALUCs will receive a $250 honorarium per community meeting to cover expenses, and the committees will be included in broader land use projects and policy initiatives. The membership model for the CALUCs will be based on best practices and must be established through a fair, well-publicized and open process on at least an annual basis.

The City will also be continuing the neighbourhood grant program.

Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project Fourth Quarter Report
The fourth quarter report on the Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project noted that work on the steel fabrication continues at two locations in China. The main bridge structures, including the work to support all of the steel while the bridge is erected in Victoria, are under fabrication by ZTSS at JingJiang near Shanghai. The span support structures, which connect the main bridge steel to the machinery that moves the bridge, are being fabricated by QuayQuip in Tianjin. An additional trip in January to visit the two plants is planned. The City continues to closely monitor work on the design of the fendering system to ensure cost effective solutions are brought forward for Council consideration in a timely manner. The Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project is scheduled to open by December 31, 2017, with completion by March 2018. The first shipment of steel is scheduled to arrive in Victoria in July next year. 

Pilot Project to Permit Taxi Stands at Designated Fire Hydrants
In order to free up on-street parking and loading zones, Council has approved a one year pilot project to allow taxi cabs to stop at designated fire hydrants.

721 Government Street Heritage Alteration Permit (Empress Hotel)
Council has moved a heritage alteration permit with variances at the Empress Hotel to public comment; no date has been set. The permit would allow for the construction of a new covered front entry for hotel guests.

Climate Action Program Priorities and Actions for 2017
The City will be moving forward on a number of 2017 climate objectives and actions, including creating a process and format for citizen-led Climate Ambassadors to provide input and inform development of the City’s climate leadership plan, and to take climate and sustainability action in the community.