November 10, 2016

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at

Core Area Wastewater Treatment (Sewage)
Council received a report from the Core Area Wastewater Treatment project board on the progress towards a treatment plant. Council provided some further direction to staff to work with the CRD and report back public amenities including washroom facilities and improved greenspace at the Clover Point Pump Station; the proposed alignment, conceptual designs, costs and timeline for a multi-use trail along Dallas Road from Memorial Crescent to Ogden Point; and engaging with the Fairfield and James Bay Residents the neighbourhoods associations on the alignment and design of the trail.

Dockside Green Rezoning Application
Council agreed to move forward to Public Hearing the rezoning application at the undeveloped lands at Dockside Green (Easterly 300 Block of Tyee Road and Westerly 300 Block of Harbour Road). This rezoning would involve an amendment to the Official Community Plan, the Zoning Regulation Bylaw, Land Use Procedures Bylaw and Dockside Green Master Development Agreement.

The proposed amendment allows for additional uses within the proposed Sub-Areas including:

  • brewery (not more than one facility, maximum manufacturing area is 500m2)
  • distillery (not more than one facility, maximum manufacturing area is 500m2)
  • liquor retail store, as an accessory use to a distillery or a brewery (not more than two stores that shall not exceed 100m2 each in floor area)
  • kindergarten (daycare)
  • parks
  • seniors' housing - assisted living
  • seniors' housing - independent living
  • cultural facility

Cook and Oliphant Rezoning Application
Council agreed to move forward to Public Hearing the rezoning application and development permit application with variance at 1041 Oliphant and 212-220 Cook Street. The proposed application would allow for a five story 53 unit mixed used development. A date for Public Hearing has not yet been set.

China Mission Report Out
Mayor Helps and Councillor Lucas provided an update on a recent economic development mission to China along with partners from Tourism Victoria, Camosun College, University of Victoria, Royal Roads University and Alacrity Foundation. The public is welcomed to a full report-out on November 22 at City Hall to learn more about the mission, and any economic development opportunities that may arise for local businesses from it.

Cannabis-Related Business Regulations
Council amended the Cannabis-Related Business Regulation Bylaw to provide an exemption from the prohibition on consumption on premises for existing non-profit cannabis operations that were established prior to 2009 and that have continuously operated since 2009, while remaining subject to all other clauses of the regulations. In addition, Council approved proceeding with an amendment to the Cannabis-Related Business Regulation Bylaw to allow third-party ATM’s in cannabis-related businesses.

Street Vendor Bylaw Amendment
Council directed staff to report back on the implications of adding to the Strategic Plan the amending the Street Vendors Bylaw to accommodate downtown merchants to sell wares directly in front of their stores.

Centennial Square Fountain
Council discussed the future of the Centennial Square fountain, and requested staff to report back with a draft work plan for Centennial Square taking into account possible action items including:

  • permanent washroom facilities
  • children's play feature / work of art
  • consideration of naming as Lekwungen Square

Establishment of a Regional Transportation Service
The CRD has reached out to member municipalities to gauge support for a regional service that would focus on regional transportation planning, data gathering and advocacy.  Through this motion, Council has given support to the concept, and recognizes the importance of transportation across the region.  Council wishes to see for consideration the details that are presented in a formal establishing bylaw, including details around scope of service, service area and service funding.