January 12, 2017

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at engage@victoria.ca.

2035 Stanley Avenue Rezoning Application
Following a public hearing, Council declined a rezoning application at 2035 Stanley Avenue.

721 Government Street
Council approved a heritage alteration permit with variance for 721 Government Street. This permit will allow for a covered front entrance at the Empress Hotel.

Dockside Green Rezoning Application
A date for Public Hearing has been set for January 26 regarding the rezoning application at the undeveloped lands at Dockside Green (Easterly 300 Block of Tyee Road and Westerly 300 Block of Harbour Road). This rezoning would involve an amendment to the Official Community Plan, the Zoning Regulation Bylaw, Land Use Procedures Bylaw and Dockside Green Master Development Agreement.

The proposed amendment allows for additional uses within the proposed Sub-Areas including:

  • brewery (not more than one facility, maximum manufacturing area is 500m2)
  • distillery (not more than one facility, maximum manufacturing area is 500m2)
  • liquor retail store, as an accessory use to a distillery or a brewery (not more than two stores that shall not exceed 100m2 each in floor area)
  • kindergarten (daycare)
  • parks
  • seniors' housing - assisted living
  • seniors' housing - independent living
  • cultural facility

727 Johnson Street Rezoning and Development Permit Application
This development was moved to public hearing; no date set yet. The application would allow construction of a 2 storey addition to the existing building and converting the office building to ground floor retail and residential above.

Strategic Plan Amendments
City Council ratified amendments to the City of Victoria’s Strategic Plan 2015-2018. The Strategic Plan is a road map for Council's decision-making and includes 13 objectives and associated actions and outcomes to guide the City's work. An amended version of the Strategic Plan will be available on the City’s website soon.

Approval for the 2017 Financial Plan
Council has approved the 2017 Financial Plan. As presented in the plan, and combined with utility fees, the overall costs to homeowners would result in a 2.91% increase from 2016 and a 2.98% increase for businesses. 

On January 26, Council will discuss one remaining supplementary request from the Victoria Police Department, $240,200 to fund police support for a vulnerable population pilot project.

913-929 Burdett Avenue and 914-924 McClure Street Heritage Alteration Permit
This heritage alteration permit request has been sent to the joint Advisory Design Panel and Heritage Advisory Panel for further comments.

8 and 10 Philippa Place Rezoning Application
A rezoning application for 8 and 10 Philippa Place has been moved to Public Hearing, with no date set yet. This application proposes to strata title the existing non-conforming duplex.

Development Permits with Variances
The following proposed development permits with variances have been moved forward to a hearing with public input.

  • 1040 Alston Street - to rebuild and extend a second storey balcony at the rear and to construct new stairs from the balcony to grade.
  • 1961 Douglas Street – for addition of one new transient suite

Parking Rates
City staff will work with the Downtown Victoria Business Association, Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Residents’ Association to bring forward recommendations on short term parking solutions for the downtown core.

90-92 Dallas Road Rezoning and Development Permit with Variance
Council moved this proposed rezoning and development permit with variance application to Public Hearing on February 9. The proposed application would allow for the construction of a new duplex.

Heritage Property Protection and Land Use Procedures Amendment Bylaws
Council approved changes to the Heritage Property Protection and Land Use Procedures Amendment Bylaws that will provide more protection to Heritage Registered and Heritage Designated homes regarding demolition.