March 9, 2017

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at

City’s Register of Heritage Properties
The recommendation to add 50 properties to the City of Victoria's Register of Heritage Properties was not approved by Council due to the majority of candidate properties not supporting the recommendation.

Update on Rezoning Application No. 00485 for 2330 Richmond Road
Council was provided an update on the rezoning application for 2330 Richmond Road, and was advised that the required bylaws have been prepared and that the sewage attenuation and associated legal agreement are not required. First and second readings of the Zoning Regulation Bylaw Amendment occurred and a public hearing is scheduled for March 23. 

Victoria Housing Strategy Implementation - Garden Suites
Council was presented an update on the Victoria Housing Strategy Implementation of Garden Suites and directed staff to amend the Official Community Plan Development Permit Area 15E: Intensive Residential - Garden Suites by updating the development permit area guidelines (Garden Suite Policy, 2011) to mitigate privacy impacts in response to public feedback provided on this initiative.

Staff will post a notice on the City’s website identifying the proposed OCP amendments which will include the contact information for a Planning staff member to whom the public can provide input. A report on the input received will be presented to Council prior to the public hearing. First and second readings of the Bylaws occurred and a Public Hearing will be scheduled. Council will consider a new policy for Preservation of Garden Suites as Rentals. 

Rezoning Application No. 00552 for 695 Alpha Street
Council directed staff to prepare the necessary Zoning Regulation Bylaw Amendment that will authorize the proposed development to allow for the retail sale of cannabis as outlined in the Rezoning Application No. 00552 for 695 Alpha Street.

Motorized Sightseeing Vehicle Parking Stands – Management Review Update
Council instructed staff to amend Schedule D of the Vehicles for Hire Bylaw to extend the current Motor Sightseeing Vehicle Parking Stands 1, 2, and 4 allocations to December 31, 2017.  Staff will conduct a competitive process for the allocation of Motor Sightseeing Vehicle Parking Stand 3 from April 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017 using the current criteria, subject to the condition that Stand 3 be used exclusively by zero tail pipe emissions vehicles. The City will obtain bus operating and technical data from Motor Sightseeing Vehicle Parking Stand users and utilize this data to assess the relative impact of emissions on air quality from the buses using the parking stand. A bus-stand economic assessment will be completed to define the value of the parking stands to inform the 2018 management plan and fees.

City staff will consult with key stakeholders using the results from the operational and economic assess`ent, on the development of the new process for allocating the Motor Vehicle Parking Stands that balances the triple bottom line of social responsibility, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity. A report will be presented to City Council in October 2017 with recommendations for a new process for allocating the Motor Sightseeing Vehicle Parking Stands.

Centennial Square – Public Washroom Design
Council directed staff to proceed with the design build tender for the public washrooms next to Centennial Square as outlined in the report of February 8, 2017. The design uses much of the space where the previous washroom was housed. The layout consists of two spaced identified as male and female, each with private accessible stalls and fixtures. 

Short Term Vacation Rentals
Council reconsidered Scenario 2 of the Short Term Vacation Rentals report and amended it to read as follows: Scenario 2: Entire Condo with transient zoning; Direct staff to provide advice on what tools are available to limit the number of STVRs where they are currently allowed, and that this report includes options for:

(a) a City-initiated rezoning to remove transient accommodation as a permitted use from residential strata property, with an "opt-out" process where stratas can apply to retain transient accommodation as a permitted use, where a majority of strata lot owners in a residential strata indicate their support for that use;

(b) a business license scheme for Short-Term Vacation Rentals that is consistent with the Strata Property Act and does not include granting licences for stratas that do not allow Short-Term Vacation Rentals in their bylaws;

(c) maintaining transient accommodation as a permitted use, with the option of an "opt-in" mechanism for a City initiated rezoning to prohibit transient accommodation as a permitted use, where a majority of owners of units in a residential multi-unit building (condominium) downtown indicate their preference for this rezoning.

CRD Regional Parks Loan Authorization Bylaw Consent
Council consented to the adoption of the CRD Bylaw No. 4142, Regional Parks Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1, 2016, which authorizes the borrowing of funds to complete the E&N Rail Trail - Humpback Connector by 2019.

Proposed Burnside-Gorge Neighbourhood Plan and Official Community Plan Amendments
Staff were directed to prepare Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment bylaws to adjust urban place designations, expand development permit area boundaries and introduce new guidelines, and create a new heritage conservation area in accordance with the draft Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood Plan. Public consultation will take place with those affected by the proposed amendments to the OCP as outlined in this report prior to finalization of the amendment bylaws and the Public Hearing.

The proposed OCP amendments will be referred to the Songhees Nation, the Esquimalt Nation, the School District Board, the Island Health Board of Directors and the District of Saanich. No referrals are necessary to the Capital Regional District, Councils of Oak Bay or Esquimalt or the provincial or federal governments. The proposed development permit area boundary adjustments and new guidelines will be presented to the Advisory Design Panel for review and comment. The heritage conservation area and statement of significance will be presented to the Heritage Advisory Panel for review and comment. The proposed Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood Plan will be considered by Council for approval at the same meeting where the OCP amendments will be considered. 

Potential Permissive Tax Exemption Policy Amendments – Parking Lots
Council directed staff to report back on the feasibility of expanding the supply of parking downtown and in the vicinity of Downtown through amendments to the Permissive Tax Exemption Policy relating to parking lots and as part of the Sustainable Transportation Strategy.