May 11, 2017

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at

Development Permit Application for 848, 852-856 Yates and 845/849 Johnson
Following an opportunity for public comment, Council voted in favour of a development permit with variances that will allow the construction of two 21-storey towers, with commercial and townhouses at grade, with residential above. 

Rezoning and Development Permit with Variances Application for 722 Pine Street and 968 Walker Street
Following a public hearing, Council voted in favour of a rezoning and development permit with variances to subdivide the two existing properties, creating three small lots. One additional single family dwelling is now permitted with the two single family dwellings remaining. 

Rezoning and Development Permit Application for 701 Belleville Street
Following a public hearing, Council passed third reading of the bylaw approving a rezoning and development application that will allow the construction of a 15 storey mixed use building, including seniors residential on the upper floors and commercial uses on the ground floor. Final vote for the adoption of this bylaw will take place at a future Council meeting.

Protecting Dallas Road Bluffs
Council has requested that the Capital Regional District’s Core Area Wastewater Treatment Project Board ensure mitigation measures will be put in to place to protect the Dallas Road Bluffs during construction of facilities related the wastewater treatment plant. These measures include assembling an interdisciplinary team to study and address the protection of the bluffs, and a plan for preservation.

Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan
Council has approved the Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan as presented by staff. Council has also directed staff to provide active support for food systems in implementing the plan including: policies and programs to support pollinators; expansion of community gardens into each neighbourhood; and increased selection of native, edible and medicinal plant species within the municipal park system.

David Foster Harbour Pathway
Construction of the Raymur and Heron Cove bridges and Heron Cove Special Place has been deferred until more favourable industry conditions, due to the single over budget bid received. Construction of a Reeson Park pathway and Johnson Street Bridge underpass pathway will continue. Further work will continue to look at funding required to support Ship Point structural/geotechnical remediation and repairs, and funding required for an assessment and risk analysis of Laurel Point soil contamination.

Street Vending Review
Council has approved a seasonal pilot for 2017 to allow bicycle food vending on streets in the City and parks as well as another pilot for storefront displays as part of a Government Street event, and have asked staff to report back in 2018 with street vending policy and regulatory recommendations for Council’s consideration.

Application for a Liquor Primary – The Beagle Pub
Council, after conducting a review with respect to noise and community impacts, supports the application for a structural change to the existing Liquor Primary Licence at The Beagle Pub at 301 Cook Street. This support will be provided to the Liquor Licensing Agency, the final arbiter of liquor licensing decisions. If approved, the licence will allow for a new outdoor patio for the pub.