May 25, 2017

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at

Rezoning Application for 695 Alpha Street
Following the public hearing, Council approved the application and related bylaws to rezone 695 Alpha Street to allow for the storefront retail sale of cannabis.

Application for Liquor Licence - Zambri
After conducting a review with respect to the location of the establishment, noise and community impacts, and the person capacity and hours of liquor service, City Council supported Zambri’s liquor licence application for an entertainment endorsement to be added to their primary food-liquor licence at 820 Yates Street. This support will be provided in writing to the Liquor Licensing Agency, the final arbiter of liquor licensing decisions.

Application for Liquor Licence – Terroir Tea Merchant
Based on the review with respect to the location of the establishment, noise and community impacts, and the person capacity and hours of liquor service, City Council supported the Terroir Tea Merchant in its application to permit liquor service from noon until 11 p.m. seven days a week for no more than 24 people at 832 Fort Street. This support will be provided in writing to the Liquor Licensing Agency. 

Development Summit
The City will continue to implement short and mid-term actions identified within the 2016 Development Summit Application Plan and hold a Development Workshop in 2017. A Development Summit will be held in 2018. 

Land Use Procedures Bylaw Amendments – Temporary Use Permits
The City will proceed with amending the Land Use Procedures Bylaw that will clarify terminology and the application process for temporary use permits, as well as updated application fees. 

Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund Application Intake
City staff will submit three grant applications under the Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund: two capital infrastructure applications -- Crystal Pool replacement ($6 million) and cycling network implementation ($6 million); and one capacity-building application for an Asset Management Practices, Procedures and Training Plan ($150,000). The fund supports the capital costs of government infrastructure projects that are large in scale, regional in impact, or innovative and support the national objectives of productivity and economic growth, a clean environment and strong cities and communities. 

B4Stage4Declaration Endorsement
Council endorsed the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA’s) “B4Stage4” campaign which focuses on early intervention and prevention with regard to mental health and wellness. The CMHA is asking local governments to sign their declaration.

Tax Incentive Program Application – 506 Fort Street
The City’s Solicitor will prepare a Tax Exemption Bylaw for 506 Fort Street for four years, with a covenant identifying the tax exemption be registered on the title to the property and any possible future strata title, and final costs of the building’s seismic upgrading be verified by Victoria Civic Heritage Trust. Council reaffirmed that the City’s Tax Incentive Program (TIP) Policy states City Council must approve a 10-year tax exemption prior to commencement of any work on a project. Due to the fact that much of the refurbishment was underway when the application was filed, City staff will work with the applicant to achieve voluntary agreement that the units remain rentals in perpetuity and not be used as short-term vacation rentals. 

Liquor Policy Review
In response to recent provincial changes to the Liquor Control and Licensing Act to reduce red tape, the City seeks to change its Liquor Licensing Policy to streamline the City’s involvement in approval processes and provide a simplified fee structure, align operational hours for Food Primary and Liquor Primary establishments, as well as consider extended hours of service under special circumstances. Corresponding Bylaws will be updated by July 30, 2017 for Council’s consideration. Staff will report back on the implications and opportunities of creating Good Neighbourhood Agreements with all Food Primaries open after midnight, directly adjacent to residential properties. 

Municipal Finance Authority (MFA) Survey Regarding Socially Responsible Investing
Council directed staff to respond favourably to the MFA survey regarding Socially Responsible Investing. The Municipal Finance Authority of BC is seeking feedback through a survey on a potentially new socially responsible investment fund.

Dogs Off-Leash Pilot
Council made a motion to refer a pilot project for three new dogs off-leash parks for consideration in a staff report on June 8, 2017, which will identify the implications of undertaking this work in 2017.

Bylaws for Rezoning Application Development Permit for 701 Belleville Street
Council approved the application and related bylaws for the rezoning and development permit for 701 Belleville Street to permit seniors housing for independent and assisted living uses, and to increase building height, setbacks and density.