November 23, 2017

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at

Development Permit with Variances for 515 Foul Bay Road
Following a public hearing, Council voted to decline this application which would allow for four strata parcels, with the existing dwelling on one lot and a new single family dwelling to be constructed on the remaining three lots.
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Development Permit with Variance for 515 and 533 Chatham Street
Following a public hearing, Council voted to refer a development permit with variance application for 515 and 533 Chatham Street to staff to work with the application to consider design refinements, particularly on Chatham Street that reflect the character of Old Town. The application is to construct a mixed use development ranging from three to five storeys with commercial and live/work on the ground floor and residential units above.
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3020 Douglas Street – Tally Ho Motel
Following a public hearing, Council voted to approve a temporary use permit at 3020 Douglas Street, known as the Tally Ho Motel, to change the use from motel to 52 units of transitional housing, subject to conditions, including that the applicant undertake planning and design in consultation with the community, fully adhering to the new Burnside Gorge Local Area Plan and include contractual obligations to mitigate community impacts. 
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Indigenous Walk of Fame
Council has approved in principle the establishment of an Indigenous Walk of Fame, subject to support of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations, and welcomes a formal proposal identifying the scope, content, sponsoring organizations, budget and maintenance plan for this initiative.

Advocacy for Federal and Provincial Leadership for Housing Affordability
On behalf of Council, the Mayor will write to the Prime Minister of Canada, the Minister of Housing and Social Development, the Premier of British Columbia and various federal and provincial ministers indicating that the City of Victoria is willing and ready to be an active partner for housing affordability, and requesting leadership in partnership with other levels of government, First Nations governments and housing providers.  

Neighbourhood Benefits of Regional Waste Water Conveyance Infrastructure
Council has asked staff to continue to work with the Victoria West, James Bay and Fairfield Gonzales communities to identify opportunities to advance traffic calming, transportation improvements, active transportation, and public realm priorities in conjunction with the CRD Core Area Waste Water project construction. 

Short Term Rental Business Regulations
Council has asked staff to report back in Quarter 1 of 2018 with recommendations for short term rental business licence fees, in conjunction with the short term rental implementation plan.
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Zoning Bylaw 2017
Council approved first readings of Zoning Bylaw 2017 that will now go to public hearing on December 14, 2017. The proposed Zoning Bylaw 2017 introduces new zoning regulations that are more simplified and flexible including new permitted uses, definitions, off-street parking requirements and updated building siting regulations. It is also more user-friendly and helps to support the land uses and development forms that are outlined in the Downtown Core Area Plan. Learn more about the bylaw here.   

Victoria Housing Strategy Annual Update
Council received an update on the Victoria Housing Strategy, and has agreed to consider a supplementary budget request of $250,000 as part of the 2018 Financial Plan process to support City of Victoria housing initiatives. City staff will work to develop an Inclusionary Housing Policy, and engage with stakeholders on proposed new items to bring forward to include in the strategy going forward.
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Market Rental Revitalization Study
The Market Rental Revitalization Study is an examination of potential regulations, public policy and incentives to preserve and improve the existing stock of aging rental buildings in the City of Victoria. After receiving this study, Council has asked City staff to prepare a new Standards of Maintenance Bylaw and Tenant Relocation Policy, to include consideration of strengthening tenants’ rights to first refusal to replacements units at comparable/reasonable market rent levels. Staff will seek feedback on these at Market Rental Revitalization Study focus group sessions, examine the City’s authority to further improve tenant stability, and explore options of compensation for moving expenses for tenants.
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Community Gardens
The Rockland Woodland Garden, Franklin Green and Montreal Street Community Garden have all been given new licences of occupation for three years.
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