January 25, 2018

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at engage@victoria.ca.

Development Permit with Variances for 1105 Caledonia Avenue
Following a public hearing, Council voted to approve a development permit with variances for exterior changes to the landscaping of 1105 Caledonia Avenue, in addition to a parking variance from 11 spaces to three. The applicant applied to convert the existing Stan Thompson Upholstery shop to become the new home of the Parsonage Café and the Fernwood Coffee Company. The applicant has also invested in an “afterburner” for the coffee roaster which eliminates all smoke, particulates and smell, and will provide 24 bicycle stalls (16 public, 8 staff), and a bike sharing program for employees.

Development Variance Permit Application for 1126 Rockland Avenue
Following a public hearing, Council voted to approve a development variance permit to convert the existing main floor area of this residence to six additional units.

Temporary Use Permit Application for 1601 Douglas Street
Following a public hearing, Council voted to approve a temporary use permit application to allow for the retail sale of cannabis.

Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project Quarterly Update Report
Council was presented a quarterly update on the Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project. Over the past three months, the bridge’s two rings and lower counterweight were completed and installed in their final location in the bascule pier. On Saturday, January 27, the Dynamic Beast crane barge will lift and place the 46-metre long bridge deck span that includes three vehicle lanes, two on-street bike lanes, a pedestrian walkway and a multi-use pathway that will connect to the Galloping Goose and E&N Trails. On Sunday, the Dynamic Beast will lift the steel roadway infill panel into place. The bridge will be closed from 7 a.m. Saturday until 5 p.m. on Sunday. In the event of high winds, the crane barge will remain parked in the marine channel until it’s safe to lift the bridge deck. The navigation channel will be closed starting Friday, January 26 for nine days.

Direction to Consult with Industry on Proposed Approach to BC Energy Step Code
The City will consult with representatives of the development community on the proposed adoption of the BC Energy Step Code. The Step Code is an amendment to the B.C. Building Code that establishes performance-based energy efficiency requirements for new residential and commercial construction with the ultimate goal that all new buildings will be “net-zero energy ready” by 2032. It focuses on design issues related to heat loss, such as placement of windows and doors, and types of heating systems. The Step Code has five levels of energy efficiency. Step 1 is a minor improvement, while Step 5 would be building a home that has net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. City Council agreed that new residential and commercial buildings meet Step 1 standards by November 2018, and Step 3 requirements starting January 2020.

Council Member Motion: Working Together to Make Victoria Accessible for All
Council endorsed a statement of commitment adopted by the Victoria Accessibility Working Group that the City will adopt as policy. In 2015, the City of Victoria showed its commitment to making Victoria more accessible and inclusive by forming an Accessibility Working Group.