July 26, 2018

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at engage@victoria.ca.


PUBLIC HEARING: Rezoning Application and Development Permit Application for 2813-2887 Quadra Street, 2814-2890 Fifth Street, and 2780/82 Fifth Street
Council approved an application for 34 new residential units to be located within three new buildings on the existing parking lot and adjacent lot.  Learn more.

PUBLIC HEARING: Rezoning Application and Development Permit with Variances for 308 Menzies Street
Council approved an application to permit retail and office uses in conjunction with a gas station. Learn more.

PUBLIC HEARING: Zoning Bylaw 2018 and Administrative Amendment to Zoning Regulation Bylaw
Council approved the Zoning Bylaw 2018 which divides the City into zones and allows for the regulation and control of the use of land and buildings within those zones. Council also approved an amendment that identifies that the Zoning Regulation Bylaw does not apply within the parts of the City (downtown area) that are subject to the new Zoning Bylaw 2018.  Learn more.


PUBLIC HEARING:  Schedule C - Off Street Parking Regulations and Delegation of Minor Parking Variances
Council approved a bylaw which includes new off-street parking regulations. Learn more.


Official Community Plan 5-Year Review
A report providing information and recommendations regarding the results of the Official Community Plan (OCP) Annual Reviews for 2017 and 2016 was presented to Council. This is the fifth annual snapshot of progress towards achieving the OCP since its adoption in 2012. A 5-Year Review focused on growth and change in Victoria's population, housing, and employment, was included in this report to inform OCP monitoring, as well as, considerations for future City policies and priorities. Learn more.


Climate Leadership Plan and Climate Action Program Update
The City's Climate Leadership Plan (CLP) was adopted by Council.  The CLP is the City's action plan to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) by 80 percent below 2007 levels by 2050 and transition to 100 percent renewable energy by mid-century. As next steps, the Climate Leadership Plan will be published and collaboration with community stakeholders will continue. Learn more.


Crystal Pool and Wellness Centre Replacement Project Update and Parking at Crystal Pool
A Project Update was presented to Council, including the schedule, scope, budget and risk management details.  Council directed staff to examine alternatives for providing parking for pool users, ensuring no net loss of park space. Learn more.


Overnight Sheltering and Supports Program
Council was presented with an update on the cost projections for the Overnight Sheltering and Supports program.  Additional funding of $100,000 was approved for the support and clean-up associated with overnight sheltering in City parks.  Learn more.


Sheltering Prohibition in Reeson Park and Quadra Park
Council approved the following motions:

a)    To amend the Parks Regulation Bylaw to prohibit overnight sheltering in Reeson Park and Quadra Park

First readings of the amended bylaw are proposed for August 2 Council Meeting.

b)    To work with BC Housing to ensure that in the summer of 2019 there is no net loss of sheltering spaces even while the cold weather beds may need to close because of programming considerations of shelter operators.  Learn more.


Accessibility at City Hall
A motion was approved to direct staff to report back at the next quarterly update on the implications of taking steps to create an accessible meeting space at City Hall.  Learn more.


Late Night Recommendations
Council approved the following motions:

  1. That the Mayor write to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch to require Food Primary licensees who consistently serve significantly more alcohol than food to obtain a Liquor Primary or split liquor licence.
  2. That the Mayor write to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch requesting an increase in the number of liquor inspectors serving the Greater Victoria area.
  3. That Mayor and Council direct staff to report back at the next quarterly update on the resource implications to assess the opportunity for developing a municipal alcohol policy with the support of a BC Healthy Communities grant.
  4. That the City give consideration to a new sidewalk washroom in the 900 block of Douglas Street area in the 2019 budget. 
  5. That the Mayor write a letter to the BC Transit Commission to support the request for extended late night service.   
  6. That the Mailout Notice be forwarded to the Late Night Advisory Committee to review and make recommendations on wording to ensure that those most affected have the opportunity to express whether or not here are any concerns with the application.

Learn more.


Adoption of Canadian Code of Advertising Standards
Council approved a motion to explore the implications of adopting the Canadian Code of Advertising for advertisements posted on City of Victoria infrastructure, including parking pay stations and bus shelters.  Learn more.


Urban Food Table
A motion was approved regarding funding and a revised Terms of Reference for the Urban Food Table. To effectively harness the continued and enhanced expertise of the Urban Food Table to advance the City’s food security objectives, Council will refer a budget request in the amount of $6,000 per year (2019-2021) to the 2019 budget process. Learn more.


Living Wage for Families
A motion supporting a living wage policy, including a “Living Wage for Families” campaign was approved. Learn more.


Rezoning and DPV Application for 224 Superior Street
Council passed a motion to reconsider the Rezoning and DPV Application for 224 Superior Street.
A report will come back to Committee of the Whole. Learn more.