April 25, 2019

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at engage@victoria.ca.

Public Hearing: Application for a Provincial Cannabis Retail Store for 3055A Scott Street (Oaklands)
Following a public hearing, Council voted to support the application of the Original FARM at 3055A Scott Street to receive a provincial cannabis retail store licence. The letter of approval to the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch is subject to the applicant’s compliance with relevant City Permits and Bylaws.

Public Hearing: Rezoning Application for 1276 and 1278 Gladstone Avenue (Fernwood)
Following a public hearing, Council approved a Rezoning Application for 1276 and 1278 Gladstone Avenue to permit two existing single-family dwellings on one lot.

Learn more about the proposal here.

Public Hearing: Development Permit with Variances for 926 and 932 Pandora Avenue (Downtown)
Following a public hearing, Council voted to refer this application back to staff and the applicant to do further engagement with the neighbourhood. This application would allow for an 11-storey, mixed-use building consisting of approximately 150 residential units with ground-floor commercial use fronting Pandora Avenue, and 5 townhouse units fronting Mason Street.

Learn more about this application.

Robert Street Potential Heritage Conservation Area
City staff will study and evaluate a portion of Robert Street in the Vic West neighbourhood for its potential as a Heritage Conservation Area in accordance with the Citizen-led Heritage Conservation Areas Policy.

2018 Financial Statements
The City received an unqualified (clean) audit of the 2018 Financial Statements from an external auditor. The 2018 Financial Statements were prepared in accordance with "generally accepted accounting principles" for local governments established by the Public Sector Accounting Board.

Read the Financial Statements and accompanying reports here.

Carbon Pricing on Corporate Air Travel
The City will update its policy on corporate travel to include charging an internal price on carbon when that travel is by air. These funds, at the rate of $150 per tonne of carbon emissions, will be transferred to the City’s Climate Reserve Fund to directly reduce carbon and take climate action in our community and the corporation. The Climate Reserve Fund was established by Council to provide a source of funds for funding climate mitigation and adaptation strategies that target energy and GHG reductions associated with facilities or transportation of either City-owned assets or community public lands and services.

Council Resolutions:

Housing Affordability
Council endorsed a resolution that will be submitted to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) for consideration as an emergency resolution at the 2019 annual conference that the federal government assess and publicly report on the impact of budget 2019 measures designed to improve housing affordability for renters and owners, and that the federal government work with municipalities through FCM to determine the most effective federal role in improving housing affordability for renters and owners at the local level.

Climate Action Through a Major Expansion of Public Transit Ridership
Council endorsed a resolution to be sent to members of the Victoria Regional Transit Commission and to the Mayors and Councils of local governments in the Capital Region asking the Victoria Regional Transit Commission and BC Transit to embrace a major expansion of public transit ridership through a phasing out of user fees and substantial improvement in service levels and fleet electrification, starting with a pilot in 2020 by eliminating user fees for people 18 years and younger. Revenues currently generated through fares would be replaced with adjustments to provincial transfers and property taxes.