June 13, 2019

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at engage@victoria.ca.

PUBLIC HEARING: 1068 Chamberlain Street (South Jubilee)
Following a public hearing, Council voted to approve a Development Permit with Variance for 1068 Chamberlain Street to allow construction of a duplex with a secondary suite.

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PUBLIC HEARING: 2832 and 2838 Shakespeare Street (Oaklands)
Following a public hearing, Council voted to approve a Development Permit with Variance for 2832 and 2838 Shakespeare Street to subdivide and rezone the existing two lots and create a new small lot facing Morley Street concurrently with Rezoning.

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Growing in the City Update
Staff provided Council an update on the Growing in the City program and further actions were approved to advance food system priorities, including recommendations to:

  • Expand City grant eligibility for community gardens
  • Pilot a City-built allotment garden
  • Pilot a City-sponsored distribution of gardening materials
  • Investigate the re-introduction of the Sharing Backyards program, a voluntary land-matching program that pairs people who don’t have access to a garden with people who have space they won’t be using
  • Support access to agricultural water rates
  • Establish food system targets and outcomes

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Topaz Park Improvement Plan and Victoria High School Sport Field Project
The Topaz Park Improvement Plan will be amended to replace the existing artificial turf field with a new similar size field located on the final site of one of the paired fields proposed under the existing plan.

In addition, $430,000 in capital funding for the 2019 Financial Plan previously approved for the Topaz Park turf field expansion will be allocated to detailed design work for the replacement of the Topaz Park field and the Victoria High School sport field project, proceeding in a manner that preserves the existing memorial bleachers.

Special Events Budget
Council approved allocating up to $135,000 from the 2019 contingency to fund special event policing costs for community events, including Canada Day, Remembrance Day, the Victoria Day parade and other non-profit run community events. Council will also work with mayors from other CRD municipalities to secure support for policing of events that serve the regional community.

Strategic Plan Grants
Council approved Strategic Plan Grants totalling $491,315 to 42 organizations. Forty-nine eligible applications were received in total. A request from the Pandora Arts Collective will be partially funded through contingency, and Council directed staff to contact the Greater Victoria Cross Guards Association to determine the potential impact of the proposed allocation ($25,000) and report back on a possible alternate amount funded from contingency for consideration.

Read about the grant applications here

Plaza Hotel Heritage Alteration Permit
A Heritage Alteration Permit has been approved for 603-607 Pandora Avenue (Plaza Hotel) to allow for the demolition of the remainder of the building following a significant fire in May. The permit is conditional upon certain heritage elements being salvaged, documented and stored by the applicant with a photographic inventory provided to the City, under the supervision of a heritage consultant, for the purpose of integrating into a future proposed development.

Crystal Pool Project, Application of Equity and Affordability Policies
Council has asked staff to develop a plan to revisit the objectives, scope and schedule of activities for the Crystal Pool project that aligns with the new Strategic Plan, including application of the evaluative tools described below, for Council consideration:

 i.          Ensure no net loss of green space in the neighbouring area.

  1. Apply an equity lens to siting, design, amenity selection, engagement, procurement, and evaluation, to inform decisions about and investment in community
  2. Apply an affordability lens to assess total cost of ownership, siting, amenity selection, operating costs, costs to taxpayers and users
  3. Invite potential partners and neighbourhood representatives to collaborate to align and help achieve these equity, accessibility and affordability objectives

Council also directed staff to report back on potential locations in the North Park and Hillside / Quadra neighbourhoods for the Crystal Pool.

In addition, Council asked staff to embed distributional, procedural, structural and inter-generational equity into the City’s corporate policies guiding hiring, staff training and professional development, procurement and civic engagement.