February 25, 2021

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. The items are selected highlights from the February 18, 25 and March 4, 2021 Council Meetings. To review all the topics discussed, click here to see the full agenda and webcast.

We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at engage@victoria.ca. To visit the City Council Meeting Dashboard, click here.

PUBLIC HEARING: 1609 Fort Street - Development Permit with Variances
Following a Public Hearing, Council voted to approve a Development Permit with Variances for 1609 Fort Street. This application will allow for expansion to the existing liquor store with a variance for the additional floor area.

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PUBLIC HEARING: 1035 Joan Crescent - Development Permit with Variances
Following a Public Hearing, Council voted to approve a Development Permit with Variances for 1035 Joan Crescent. This application will allow for the construction of a semi-detached dwelling.

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Rise and report from the Closed Council Meeting of February 18, 2020
Council authorized a rise and report on the letter dated September 20, 2019 from the Victoria-Esquimalt Police Board to Brenda Butterworth-Carr, Assistant Deputy Minister and Director of Police Services, Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General Policing and Security Branch regarding a Request for Review – Section 27 Police Act and the letter of response dated January 17, 2021 from the Assistant Deputy Minister and Director of Police Services.

Proposed Accessible Parking Requirements and Design Criteria
Council has endorsed new design criteria for public on-street and City operated parkade accessible parking stalls and a budget of up to $350,000 for accessible parking retrofits and expansion efforts with funding from the Accessibility Reserve Fund. Staff will proceed with amendments to the Zoning Bylaw, the Subdivision and Development Services Bylaw, and the Streets and Traffic Bylaw to establish new supply rates and specifications for off-street accessible parking.

VicPD Amended Provisional Budget
Council has approved a one-time funding request for VicPD for $107,500 using the Police Financial Stability Reserve and an ongoing property tax increase of 0.065% for 2021.

VicPD Amended Provisional Budget
Council has approved a $215,000 funding request for VicPD using one-time funding from the Police Financial Stability Reserve and an ongoing property tax increase of 0.065% for 2021, resulting in an overall 2021 tax increase of 1.82%. This does require approval by the Police Board and Esquimalt Council.

Council Member Motion: Emergency Housing Function and Related Matters
Council will indicate to the Province its support for the inclusion in the modernized Emergency Program Act to take into consideration the needs of vulnerable populations in the event of an emergency.

2020 By-Election: Lessons Learned
Council received a report from staff on lessons learned from the 2020 By-Election, and endorsed the following as minimum requirements for conducting a by-election:

  • One month of planning before appointing a Chief Election Officer
  • Hire one additional senior staff and one additional administrative staff
  • Establish at least eight general voting day locations that are geographically distributed throughout the city
  • At least two advance voting locations
  • At least five advance voting days
  • Each voting location to have two voting machines
  • One accessible voting machine to be available during advance and general voting in a central location
  • Provide return postage-paid envelopes for requested vote by mail packages
  • Distribute election information materials to households using a voter card system and other standard engagement activities
  • Restate its advocacy from 2014 that the nomination period occur earlier to allow for mail in ballots or that the Province make an allowance for provisional ballots

Temporary Relocation of Council Meetings
Council and Committee of the Whole meetings will be held at the Capital Regional District Board room between March 11 and June 15, 2021 to allow for HVAC work to occur at City Hall to improve air quality.

Council Member Motion: Stewardship of Urban Waterways
Council has asked staff to report back in conjunction with the Stormwater Management Plan update with preliminary information for options for enhanced stewardship, restoration and/or daylighting of the following urban waterways:

  • Rock Bay Creek from Fernwood to Rock Bay
  • Cecelia Creek, from the vicinity of Mayfair Mall to the Selkirk Waterway
  • Ross Bay Creek/ Humboldt Creek, connecting the Inner Harbour (Whosaykum) to Ross Bay via the Cook Street Village area

Staff will also consider opportunities for:

  • Signage and/or daylighting in the vicinity of Alexander Park, Blackwood Park, and/or Wark Street Park
  • Signage and ecological restoration of exposed segments of Cecelia Creek
  • Signage and/or daylighting in the vicinity of the St. Ann’s Academy ground and Olive Street

Council Member Motion: Advocacy for a Provincial Economy Strategy
Council has endorsed a resolution for consideration at the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities (AVICC) and the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) to request the Province of BC develop a provincial Circular Economy strategy. The concept of a circular economy provides a vision and framework to design out waste and pollution, keeps products and materials in use and regenerates natural systems to help communities move towards zero waste.

Council Member Motion: Advocacy for Right to Repair Legislation
Council has endorsed a resolution for consideration at the AVICC and UBCM asking the Province to draft and enact Right to Repair legislation. Right to Repair legislation would require manufacturers of electronic devices, appliances and machinery to make information, parts and tools necessary for repairs available to consumers and independent repair shops at a reasonable price.

Support Downtown Vibrancy and Vitality Report
Council approved $100,000 from the 2021 Financial Plan contingency budget to be allocated toward a Downtown Vibrancy and Vitality Initiative to be administered by the Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA). Staff will report to Council with an update on the block watch and downtown ambassador component of this expenditure when the information is available.

Council Member Motion: Council Endorsement of Help Cities Lead Campaign
Council endorsed the Help Cities Lead campaign, and will request the CRD and other regional municipalities also support the campaign. Help Cities Lead is an education and awareness campaign working to build support for more focused collaboration between the Province of British Columbia and local governments on building climate policy.

Council Member Motion: AVICC Climate Leadership Motion
Council adopted a motion requesting that the AVICC membership endorses in principle the directions laid out in the “Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Climate Action Goals Working Draft” and requests that the VICC-CLP also grounds the plan in the cultural and land-based knowledge of Indigenous peoples and the experiences of youth.

Council Member Motion: Paid Sick Leave for Workers
Council endorsed a resolution for consideration at AVICC and UBCM asking that the Province legislate a minimum of ten accessible, universal and permanent paid sick days for all workers and additional days during public health outbreaks.

Council Member Motion: Acquisition of Apartment Buildings for Affordable Housing
Council adopted a resolution to forward to the AVICC and UBCM asking the Province to work with local communities, the not-for-profit sector and other partners on a program of land banking purpose-builtrental apartment buildings, to preserve and renew this essential component of the affordable rental housing supply.