April 2, 2020

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. The items are selected highlights from the April 2, 9 and 16, 2020 Council Meetings. To review all the topics discussed, click here to see the full agenda and webcast.

We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at engage@victoria.ca. To visit the City Council Meeting Dashboard, click here.

Please note: Council meetings are webcast live and archived. Based on recommendations by public health officials, as of March 19: 

  • Council has suspended the holding of public hearings in accordance with the Class Order on COVID-19 from the Office of the Provincial Health Officer until further notice.
  • Council has also suspended the question period sections of Council meeting agendas for in-person participation.
  • Requests to address Council will be limited to six delegations through either telephone participation, where possible, and the reading out of submissions and/or broadcasting of recorded submissions, if necessary.


COVID-19 Update
Council has allocated up to $200,000 from the 2020 Contingency to provide adequate supports to vulnerable populations without any further delay and mitigate risks to City facilities, with the City working to recover all costs from upper levels of government.

Council Member Motion: Scaling Up Growing in the City for Community Resilience
Council voted to scale up the Growing in the City initiative with the following actions, to increase community resilience and food security in response to Covid-19:

  • Temporarily reprioritize the focus of some Parks Department capacity to grow food plants from seed in the municipal nursery and greenhouses for planting in the 2020 growing season, harnessing expertise on appropriate plant selection from stakeholders in the Urban Food Table
  • Work with stakeholder organizations in the Urban Food Table, School District 61 and local farmers to develop a distribution plan for food plants, soil and educational resources to scale up food production and increase community resilience and food security
  • Adhere strictly to workplace safety and public health guidelines during the implementation of this program

Staff will alsoreport back on options for reallocating funds within the food systems budget to expand the distribution of gardening materials to neighbourhoods.

Development Application Processes During COVID-19 Pandemic
Council has directed staff to report back on modifications to development application processes, including consideration of electronic participation of the public, in order to continue to process applications through the COVID-19 pandemic, while complying with public health orders and meeting the transparency and accountability of land use processes.