February 27, 2020

Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. The items are selected highlights from the February 27, 2020 Council Meeting. To review all the topics discussed, click here to see the full agenda and webcast.

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PUBLIC HEARING: Waterfront Setback Regulations
Following a public hearing, Council voted to approve changes to the Zoning Regulation Bylaw regarding waterfront setback regulations to garden suites, accessory buildings, outdoor features and retaining walls on waterfront properties with residential development.

PUBLIC HEARING: 514 & 518 Sumas Street – Rezoning Application (Victoria West)
Following a public hearing, a vote of Council resulted in the Rezoning application for a three-storey townhouse development being declined.

Learn more about this application in the Development Tracker.

1309 & 1315 Cook Street, 1100-1120 Yates Street and 1109-1115 Johnson Street – Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning Application and Development Permit with Variances
Following a Public Hearing, Council approved an Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning application and Development Permit with Variances for 1309 & 1315 Cook Street, 1100-1120 Yates Street and 1109-1115 Johnson Street. This application will allow for an increase in density in order to facilitate a mixed-use development consisting of an approximately 12-storey and six-storey building, and retain the existing Victoria Professional Office Building.The two new buildings will bring 211 new homes to the Fernwood neighbourhood. The project includes 104 homes at below market rates and is being designed with a purpose-built childcare space for 75 children.

Learn more about this application in the Development Tracker

Dockside Green Development Permit (Victoria West)
Council authorized a Development Permit for 359, 363, and 369 Tyee Road (Dockside Green) that will include three new buildings featuring 369 residences, including 145 rentals.

Fourth Quarter Update
Staff presented a report to Council providing information and recommendations on a summary of major achievements, accomplishments and highlights for the period of October 1 to December 31, 2019. Select highlights in Q4 include the adoption of new landscape design guidelines, completion of the transition to "naturalize" garden beds, and continuation of the Reconciliation Dialogues.  

Read the staff report and update here

Application for Change to a Food Primary Licence for Wind Cries Mary, #103-45 Bastion Square
An application to the Liquor Licensing Agency to increase hours of operation for Wind Cries Mary to 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily, with an occupant load of 99 people, has been endorsed by City Council.

Emergency Support Services Modernization
Council authorized and directed staff to apply for a grant worth up to $25,000 through the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund for Emergency Support Services (ESS) modernization through equipment and training. 

Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative Update and Proposed Purchasing Policy Amendments
The City is partnering with other local governments on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast in the Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative (CCSPI), a two-year project to assist local governments in implementing social procurement in their communities. Social procurement is leveraging social value from an existing procurement.

Council approved an amendment to the City's Purchasing Policy by expanding the Community Benefit section to incorporate social procurement criteria with the objective of removing barriers using an intersectional approach.

Read the staff report