June 11, 2020

 Council Highlights provide a snapshot of the progress made on City programs, initiatives and on Council decision-making. For more information on each initiative, please visit the accompanying link where noted. The items are selected highlights from the June 11, 2020 Council Meeting. To review all the topics discussed, click here to see the full agenda and webcast.

We welcome anyone who would like to receive Council Highlights to email us at engage@victoria.ca. To visit the City Council Meeting Dashboard, click here.

PUBLIC HEARING: Rezoning Application and Development Permit with Variances – 1301 Hillside Avenue
Following a Public Hearing, Council voted to approve a Rezoning application and Development Permit with Variances for 1301 Hillside Avenue. The proposal allows for the construction of a new multiple-dwelling rental building.

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Pubic Hearing: Rezoning Application and Development Permit with Variances - 3020 Douglas Street and 584 Burnside Road East
Following a Public Hearing, Council voted to approve a Rezoning Application and Development Permit with Variances for 3020 Douglas Street and 584 Burnside Road East. This proposal allows for a mixed-use development consisting of a mix of commercial and residential uses.

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Festival Investment Grants
Although many festivals are unable to proceed as originally planned due to COVID-19, Council has directed staff to allocate the 2020 Festival Investment Grants to support not-for-profit arts groups while allowing them to reimagine and adapt their presentations to comply with provincial health orders. Recommendations for funding allocations will come to Committee of the Whole on July 2.

Tree Preservation Bylaw Update
Staff will prepare a new Tree Protection Bylaw for Council approval in order to:

  • Differentiate permit applicant types and requirements according to the complexity and magnitude of projects
  • Clarify information required from applicants for tree removal permit applications
  • Define tree retention and replacement requirements to maintain a stable or expanding tree canopy, consisting of new tree replacement ratios, tree planting standards, and tree density targets
  • Update the requirements for security deposits and update tree permit application fees
  • Require modification or relocation of proposed building footprints or structures within the zoning setbacks, to retain protected trees
  • Establish transition provisions to apply the new bylaw in order to minimize impacts to existing applications                                    

Curbside Fees for Parking Stands and Yellow Curb Use
Council has approvedthe suspension of Parking Stand fees for Horse Drawn Carriages and Sightseeing Vehicles for 2020.

Parks and Recreation COVID-19 Recovery Plan
Council has approved a Parks and Recreation Recovery Plan with a phased reopening of parks and recreation services in the City of Victoria.

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Proposed Adjustments to Parking Fees
The City has extended the reduced parking fees as follows:

  • Reduced rates in all parkades:
    • Daily rate - $1 per hour with the 1st hour free
    • Monthly rate - $85
    • Daily rate maximum of $5 in all parkades excluding the Yates Street Parkade and Centennial Square Parkade, which would have a maximum of $9 per day
  • Reduced on-street metered rates:
    • In the 90 minute zone- $2 per hour, and reinstate the time limit to 90 minutes
    • All other zones- $1 per hour, with no time limits
  • Reduced parking lot rates - $1 per hour with a $5 daily maximum
  • Suspend enforcement of unmetered time-limited zones, except for 30 minute zones

Council Member Motion - Welcoming Cities Task Force 
A number of initiatives were put on hold earlier in the year due to budget constraints from COVID-19 including the Welcoming Cities Task Force. Council has now voted to proceed immediately with the Welcoming Cities Task Force to harness the energy, creativity, passion and commitment currently evident in our community to make Victoria a welcoming and safe city for everyone. $40,000 from the Mayor and Council travel budget has been reallocated to the Welcoming Cities Initiative, and the application for participants on the Task Force will be extended by three weeks in order to promote the opportunity to submit applications.