Council Remuneration & Expenses

Remuneration & Benefits

Remuneration for members of Council is paid in accordance with the Council Remuneration Bylaw [PDF - 19 KB].

Remuneration is adjusted annually on January 1 by the Consumer Price Index (All Items) for Victoria in accordance with the Bylaw and is fully taxable.

Council members are also eligible for dental, extended health and life insurance benefits for elected officials through the Union of BC Municipalities. These benefits are paid by the City.

Council annual salary:

Year Mayor Council
2011 $100,056.33 $40,022.53
2012 $102,157.52 $40,863.01
2013 $103,179.10 $41,271.64
2014 $103,179.0 $41,271.64
2015 $104,417.25 $41,766.90
2016 $105,879.09 $42,351.64
2017 $107,890.79 $43,156.32
2018 $110,156.50 $44,062.61
2019 $113,461.19 $45,384.48
2020 $115,730.41 $46,292.17
2021 $115,730.41 $46,292.17


In accordance with the Council Remuneration Bylaw and the City Business Travel Policy [PDF - 37 KB], eligible expenses are paid when incurred while:

  • representing the City
  • engaged in City business, or
  • attending a meeting, course, or convention related to representation of the City, City business, or the duties of the office of the Mayor or other member of Council

All travel expenses for members of Council must be approved by Council resolution.


Council remuneration and expenses are reported annually in the Statement of Financial Information, and during the year as part of the Quarterly Accountability Report to Council.

Members of Council submit annual financial disclosure statements by January 15 to comply with the BC Financial Disclosure Act.

External Boards and Committees

Some members of Council may also serve on other Boards and Committees, including the Capital Regional District. Some of those appointments are paid positions with remuneration administered by those other organizations.

For a listing of external board and committee appointments, please visit each Council member's page: