Downtown Late Night Task Force

Over the years there has been much discussion about the increase in downtown late night public disorder. As downtown business and residential populations have grown, these issues have become more acute.

Lack of late night transportation, public urination, street crowding after bars close, fighting, vandalism, street noise, and community nuisance caused by over/excessive drinking pose has been addressed. While many issues have been identified and potential solutions canvassed, they have been done in absence of a larger strategy to ensure efforts work together in finding a healthy and vibrant balance for our downtown.

The Task Force focussed on Downtown Late Night issues with the goal of creating a comprehensive and cohesive strategy to ensure the City of Victoria maintains a vibrant downtown core that balances the needs of local businesses, residents, visitors, and late night entertainment users.

Task Force Working Group

The Task force took a sharp and focussed approach. It was comprised of:

  • Mayor Dean Fortin
  • Councillor and Downtown liaison, Charlayne Thornton-Joe
  • Chief of Police, Jamie Graham

The working group sought input and ideas from key stakeholders from the downtown community and by those directly impacted by increased late night disorder.

Report Findings

The Downtown Late Night Task Force consisted of Mayor Dean Fortin, Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe, and Chief Constable Jamie Graham, of the Victoria Police Department.

Since being constituted in May, 2009, the Task Force met with stakeholders and users of downtown, reviewed concerns and examined other cities' approaches to problems of public disorder, safety and security in a downtown setting.

The following are the findings presented on November 16, 2009: