Breaking the Cycle of Mental Illness, Addictions and Homelessness

Despite the good work being done to support Victoria's most vulnerable population, the pressures on the streets of Victoria are reaching a breaking point. Victoria needs a community-owned solution to end homelessness for its residents.

In May 2007, Mayor Lowe struck a short-term, 120-day task force to recommend a service model and business plan that would provide better assistance to residents challenged with mental illness, addictions and/or homelessness. Chaired by Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe, the Mayor's Task Force was charged with breaking down the issue of homelessness in Victoria and developing a new service delivery model that will be a substantial shift in the way we all respond to our community's social and health challenges.

The Task Force recommendations frame an action plan that aims to reorganize support and services and deliver them in a more effective way to help people get well and integrated into the community.

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