Ocean Futures Cluster Development

Credit: Ocean Networks Canada / University of Victoria Photo Services

Ocean Futures Cluster Development Roundtable

October 25, 1-3 p.m.
City Hall Antechamber

This roundtable is for anyone working in the ocean and marine sector, very broadly defined. This workshop is by invite only in order to have a focused conversation on cluster development. If you or someone you know would like an invite please email kmoore@victoria.ca

Presentation: What is a cluster and why should we consider one here?
Background Reading: Location, Competition and Economic Development: Local Clusters in a Global Economy, Michael E. Porter, Harvard Business School

Key questions for discussion:
1.What are the strengths and opportunities of our ocean and marine sector from a global point of view?

2. What are the weaknesses and threats of our ocean and marine sector from a global point of view?

3. What are the benefits and drawbacks of working in earnest to create a global facing, future focused, ocean cluster to strengthen the ocean and marine ecosystem, develop local supply chains and create more high value jobs?

4. Who from industry, academia and government is willing to form a small, action-oriented steering committee to explore next steps and report back to the larger group within two months?

5. What is one word you’d use to describe Victoria today? What is one word you’d like to be able to use to describe Victoria 20 years from today?

All roundtables will be held at City Hall and facilitated by Mayor Helps. Please give some thought to the discussion questions in advance. If you’re interested in reading this background piece, 10 Traits of Globally Fluent Metro Areas, please feel free to do so.