Information for Candidates

The nomination period for the 2018 Municipal Election is now closed.

The Provincial Government has produced a number of guides that voters and candidates might find helpful. The documents below provide important new information for candidates, elector organizations and third party sponsors.

Provincial Legislation

The Local Elections Campaign Financing Act regulates the manner in which financial disclosures and other related actions are made. This legislation applies to candidates, elector organizations and those wishing to take part in the election process by means of advocacy. This process is managed by Elections BC.

Contact the Elections BC Campaign Financing team at by phone or email at:
1-855-952-0280  E:  
Elections BC has staff available to answer campaign financing and election advertising inquiries from all local elections participants.

The following materials are available on the Elections BC website:

A separate guide for School Trustee Election Procedures  is provided by the Ministry of Education.

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