Accessibility Working Group


The Accessibility Working Group was established in 2015 with a mandate to support accessibility and inclusion in the City of Victoria by:

  • identifying barriers for persons with disabilities created by current City of Victoria infrastructure;
  • making recommendations as to how to remove these barriers;
  • establishing criteria by which barrier removal can be prioritized and the allocating of funding can be determined; and
  • working with City of Victoria staff to draft policies and procedures to prevent the creation of barriers in the future.

The Accessibility Working Group is made up of seven volunteer individuals. The City gratefully acknowledges the contributions, dedication, and hard work of the Accessibility Working Group members who have given selflessly to help achieve a more inclusive Victoria. They continue to provide valuable feedback, recommendations and ideas, and contributed their expertise and knowledge to both City staff and Council on accessibility issues. View the AWG Terms of Reference.

On August 6, 2020 Staff presented to Council the Accessibility Framework, Recommended Short Term Action Plan and Council Accessibility Policy. Council approved the following motions:

  1. That Council endorse the Accessibility Framework and forward the Framework and the following suite of recommendations to a meeting in September for adoption to allow the AWG more time to consider the framework and comment on this motion. 
  2. That Council request staff report back with terms of reference for a new accessibility advisory committee, allowing for some continuity of membership, to provide ongoing advice to the City of Victoria as the Accessibility Framework is implemented. 
  3. That Council approve the Accessibility Policy as an interim policy and direct staff to report back with a strengthened policy including more specificity and guidelines to help determine appropriate courses of action and definitions.
  4. That Council direct staff to modify the Short-term Action Plan to include measurable outcomes including the year each issue is to be addressed and accomplished.
  5. That Council direct staff to report back in September with information on adding the AWG’s recommended additions to the Short-Term Action Plan.
  6. Direct staff to report back on the accessibility lens as it relates to the future equity lens and on potential tools to assist with balancing competing rights and interests.

To learn more about the Accessibility Framework and Short-Term Action Plan visit:

Review minutes and motions from the Accessibility Working Group here