Active Transportation Advisory Committee

The committee provides ongoing input on the implementation of active transportation initiatives in the community.


The Active Transportation Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to City Council and staff on a range of initiatives including: 

  • Achieving the active transportation related goals and targets within Go Victoria, the City's mobility strategy, including:
    • Strategies for promoting the mode shift to active transportation
    • Crosswalk prioritization and implementation
    • Implementation of the Bike Master Plan
    • Implementation of the Pedestrian Master Plan
    • Transit issues, priorities and projects within the City of Victoria jurisdiction
  • Proposed transportation expenditures as part of the annual Financial Planning Process, including road improvement projects, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, traffic calming initiatives, and bus shelters
  • Transportation issues and priorities identified through the Local Area/Neighbourhood Planning Process
  • Neighbourhood “place-making” initiatives with active-transportation impacts
  • Additional active transportation issues as identified by Council, staff and committee members.

The committee meets nine time a year, except for July, August and December. Meetings are currently convened online during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The committee is comprised of up to 12 members of the public appointed by Council. Members are assigned two-year terms. Committee members should have an interest and experience in cycling, pedestrian mobility, seniors' mobility, physical accessibility lived experience or expertise in transit issues. 

The committee is structured as follows: 

  • Three members with expertise on cycling mobility
  • Three members with expertise on pedestrian mobility, including one member with specific expertise on seniors’ mobility
  • Three members with expertise or lived experience on physical accessibility issues
  • One member with expertise on transit issues
  • Up to two additional members.

Two Council members are appointed to serve as non-voting liaisons to the Committee.

NOTE: Those who have already served two consecutive terms are not eligible to apply but can apply for a future call. 

Recruitment Update

Thank you to all those who applied to participate on the Committee. Individuals who have been appointed by Council have now been contacted. 

Terms of Reference 

More information on the Committee is available in the Terms of Reference for the Committee.


The following individuals were appointed by Council to serve on the City's Active Transportation Advisory Committee for a two-year term from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023. 

  1. Laura Coward
  2. Margo Farren
  3. Linda Ginenthal
  4. Carolyn Gisborne
  5. Thomas Guerrero
  6. Finn Kreisher
  7. Sally Yue Lin
  8. Chris Marks
  9. Anne Moon
  10. Osmaan Sheikh
  11. VACANT
  12. VACANT

Meeting Minutes:

October 2022 - no meeting

September 2022 [PDF - 30 KB]

August 2022 - no meeting

July 2022 - no meeting

June 2022 [PDF - 30 KB]

May 2022 [PDF - 48 KB]

April 2022 - No Meeting

March 2022 [PDF - 117 KB]

February 2022  [PDF - 114 KB]

January 2022 [PDF - 21 KB]


November 2021 (approved minutes [PDF - 105 KB])

October 2021 (approved minutes) [PDF - 70 KB]

September 2021 (approved minutes [PDF - 69 KB])

July and August (no meetings)

June 22, 2021 (approved minutes) [PDF - 172 KB]

May 2021 May 2021


February 23, 2021

January 26, 2021