Citizens' Assembly Council Committee

In the 2018 municipal election, residents of Saanich and Victoria voted in favour of exploring the costs, benefits, and disadvantages of the amalgamation of Saanich and Victoria through a Citizens' Assembly process.

The mandate of the Victoria’s Citizen’s Assembly Council Committee is to work with Victoria Council and with the joint Victoria/Saanich council committee to develop terms of reference for a Citizens' Assembly and related processes such as a technical assessment. The Committee is a recommending body to Council and has no decision-making authority. The Committee will report to Council within two-weeks of meeting and will bring written reports to Council with recommendations for decision as needed. The Committee will meet with the Saanich Council Citizens Assembly Committee as needed and will report back to Council within two weeks of any meeting with Saanich’s Committee.

The Citizens' Assembly Council Committee is comprised of:

  • Mayor Lisa Helps
  • Councillor Ben Isitt
  • Councillor Jeremy Loveday
  • Councillor Geoff Young

The sub Committee has concluded meetings where the draft terms of reference were debated. The next steps are to bring forward the draft terms of reference to the City of Victoria Council as well as the sub Committee of Saanich for review and input. Once the terms of reference are reviewed and finalized by both sub Committees, they will be referred back to each Council for final consideration and the process will move forward to the next phase.