External Grant Review Committee

The External Grant Review Committee provides assistance to Council in its deliberations on Strategic Plan Grants.


The purpose of the Strategic Plan Grant Review Committee is to review all applications received by the City under the Strategic Plan Grants program and to make recommendations to City Council on the annual Strategic Plan Grants to be funded by the City.  

The Committee will be comprised of five members of the public appointed by Council with specific expertise and interest in the key strategic plan areas of:

  • Social Inclusion and Community Wellness
  • Economic Development
  • Arts and Culture
  • Public Spaces, Green Spaces and Food Systems
  • Community Empowerment

Public members on the Committee must not be affiliated with any of the organizations applying for Strategic Grants Funding.

Terms of Reference

Learn more about the Terms of Reference here.

For further information, please see the Strategic Grant webpage here.


Council has appointed the following members to this committee:

  • Chris Tilden
  • Athena Madan
  • Alan Humphries
  • Colleen Kasting
  • Serena Klaver