Heritage Advisory Panel

The Heritage Advisory Panel's purpose is to advise Council on heritage matters referred to the Panel.


  1. To advise the Committee of the Whole on those heritage matters coming within the scope of the committee under the Local Government Act or that are referred to it by the Committee of the Whole (which is made up of City Council).
  2. To make recommendations to the Committee of the Whole respecting the designation of heritage buildings, structures and lands, and the preservation, alteration, renovation or demolition of heritage buildings, structures or lands.
  3. To meet jointly with the Advisory Design Panel to review and provide recommendations to the Planning and Land Use Committee on development proposals referred to a joint meeting. 

The Heritage Advisory Panel is governed by Bylaw NO. 97-104 (Heritige Advisory Committee Bylaw)


Thank you to all those who applied to be a member of the Heritage Advisory Panel. Those appointed by Council will be contacted by City staff.


There are no specific qualifications required to sit on the Panel. 


The Heritage Advisory Panel is made up of ten members appointed by City Council.  Members may serve a maximum of three consecutive 18-month terms (4.5 years) on the Panel.

Members of the Heritage Advisory Panel for term January 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020 are:

  1. Steve Barber
  2. Julie Bréhéret
  3. Doug Campbell
  4. Katie Cummer
  5. Hal Kalman
  6. Shari Khadem
  7. Lisa MacIntosh
  8. Pamela Madoff, Chair
  9. Graham Walker

Meeting Schedule

Current Agendas