Seniors' Task Force


Thank you to everyone who applied to serve on the City's new Seniors' Task Force. The deadline to apply was October 11, 2019. For more information, call 250.361.0571 or email


The Seniors' Task Force will be comprised of community-minded individuals ages 65 and over to inform the development of the City of Victoria Seniors’ Action Plan.

Task Force members will draw from their own expertise and invite expertise from the community around the question “How can the City of Victoria promote healthy seniors and positive aging?”

Topics of focus will include:

  • Mobility
  • Housing
  • Parks and greenspace
  • Land use and environmental design
  • Recreation, wellness, inclusion and community services
  • Food systems
  • Arts and culture
  • Access to municipal facilities, programs and services
  • Civic engagement processes and information platforms
  • Emergency preparedness and response including climate change
  • Integration with health and support services delivered by Provincial and Federal governments and agencies, and
  • Other matters that the Task Force deems relevant to the interests of seniors in the City of Victoria, with particular attention to matters under local government jurisdiction.

Role and Responsibilities

The Task Force will be co-chaired by the two Council Liaisons and will meet this fall as follows:

  •  Three meetings to identify issues and potential action items for inclusion in the Seniors’ Action Plan
  •  Three public engagement workshops to invite public comment on the draft Seniors’ Action Plan
  •  A final plenary meeting to confirm the Seniors’ Action Plan and recommendations for referral to Victoria City Council.

Prepared with staff support, the Task Force’s two Council liaisons will present the draft Seniors’ Action Plan to City Council for consideration by January 31, 2020.

Once the Seniors’ Action Plan has been adopted by Council, the work of the Task Force will be complete.

Terms of Reference

For more information on the role and responsibilities of the Seniors’ Task Force, please read the Terms of Reference.


The Seniors’ Task Force will be comprised of up to 20 members of the public appointed by Council, representing diverse perspectives and experiences of seniors, and consisting of a high proportion of seniors and with balanced gender representation, including:

  • Cook Street Village Activity Centre – 2 nominees
  • James Bay New Horizons Society – 2 nominees
  • Silver Threads Society – 2 nominees
  • James Bay Community Project – 1 nominee
  • Victoria Community Association Network – 3 nominees
  • Inter-Cultural Association – 1 nominee
  • Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society – 1 nominee
  • Victoria Disability Resource Centre - 1 nominee
  • Our Place Seniors’ Group – 1 nominee
  • Victoria Native Friendship Centre – 1 nominee
  • Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness – 1 nominee
  • At Large Members – Up to 4 nominees (from the general public)

For organizations allocated more than one nominee, at least one nominee must self-identify as a woman, at least one nominee must be older than 65 years of age, and at least one nominee should be a volunteer with the organization.

Meeting Schedules and Minutes

Once underway, Task Force meeting schedules and minutes will be posted here.

For More Information: