Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board

The Board shall consist of 9 members:

  • Mayor, City of Victoria (Chair)
  • Mayor, Township of Esquimalt (Vice Chair)
  • 2 City Appointees
  • 5 Provincial Government Appointees

A person is not eligible to hold office as an appointed member of a municipal police board for a period greater than 6 consecutive years.

Summary: A municipal Police Board performs both a governance function and an oversight function. Governance is controlling and directing the development of policy and oversight involves ensuring that the legislated functions of the police department are carried out.

The Police Board performs four main governance functions:

  • they are the employer of police department staff and are responsible for negotiating the collective agreement with the police union;
  • in consultation with the Chief Constable, they set policy, priorities, goals and objectives for the police department;
  • prepare and submit a provisional budget for council approval
  • have authority for police service and policy complaints.

The Police Board may also study, investigate and prepare a response on matters concerning policing, law enforcement and crime prevention in its municipality.

For further information about the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board, please visit the Victoria Police Department website.

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