Statement from Mayor Helps on Canada Community Building Fund Being Doubled for 2021

Today Mayor Lisa Helps released the following statement on the Canada Community Building Fund being Doubled for 2021:

“We’re grateful to the federal government for this significant cash transfer directly to local governments at a time when local governments can use it the most. With this announcement today, Victoria will receive $7,667,506 in 2021, doubled from $3,833,753.  

“The Community Building Fund can be used by local governments to fund a wide range of projects that increase sustainability and resilience and improve quality of life for residents. From 2016 to 2020, Victoria invested over $18 million from this fund in energy saving projects like LED streetlights, in resilience infrastructure like storm drain rehabilitation and storm water quality improvements and in active transportation projects like new crosswalks and bike network implementation.  

“In the 2021 budget we plan to invest an additional $4.1 million in storm drain rehabilitation and $2.5 million in bike network implementation. The doubling of this fund for 2021 will allow us to do more now and to plan for even larger investments in quality of life and sustainability infrastructure as we begin our 2022 budgeting process soon. 

“We are thankful for the confidence that the federal government has placed in local governments through the Community Building Fund and that we’re seen as partners in building back better by creating jobs, reducing emissions and creating more equitable and sustainable communities.”