Connect and Prepare Your Community – Have your Say on Neighbour Hubs

The City of Victoria is asking residents for their ideas on what makes a great Neighbour Hub.

Neighbour Hubs are vibrant public spaces that foster community connection while providing emergency resources for neighbourhoods.

“Connected communities are resilient communities,” said Mayor Lisa Helps. “When neighbours know each other, they are better prepared to take collective action and respond to emergency situations. Neighbour Hubs will act as outdoor community meet-up spots to swap ideas and share local news and information at any time, and especially during an emergency.”

There are currently three Neighbour Hubs in the City, with one more to be constructed in 2022. The plan is to eventually have one Hub in every neighbourhood.

Ideas from the community gathered through an online design session and survey will inform three template designs for future Neighbour Hubs to be built and maintained by the City. In addition to basic emergency supplies, Hubs could include useful community features like sharing libraries, mobile charging stations, seating, community bulletin boards, public art and bike parking. Hubs will be designed to be accessible for people with disabilities and welcoming to all ages.

Communities will get involved to activate and care for the Hubs on an ongoing basis.

There are now two outdoor Neighbour Hubs in the City – one in Fairfield on Leonard Street near Cook Street Village and another on Harbour Road in VicWest near the Galloping Goose Trail. A third Hub is indoors, located at Crystal Garden, which can be booked by community organizations as a meeting space.

To share your ideas, take the survey at by April 20 and sign up for the online design session taking place on April 6.

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