How to Contribute to the Reconciliation Contribution Fund

The City of Victoria has established the Reconciliation Contribution Fund to create an opportunity for anyone to contribute a voluntary amount to the Songhees Nation and Esquimalt Nation.  

People have asked for a tangible way for Victoria residents and businesses to make a meaningful contribution towards reconciliation. The Fund will be used by the Songhees Nation and Esquimalt Nation to achieve the goals and aims of their communities.

Your contribution, in addition to the City’s $200,000 Reconciliation Grant, are efforts to start recognizing that the wealth generated by our City and its residents – including in the form of property ownership and associated taxes – is rooted in the lands and waters of the lәkwәŋәn, (Lekwungen) peoples.

The Reconciliation Contribution Fund and the Reconciliation Grant are meaningful ways for the City, residents and businesses to participate in reconciliation.

You can make a voluntary contribution by e-transfer, in-person or by mail. Learn more.