Meet the Fleet - Celebrate Public Works Week with City Trading Cards

The City of Victoria is celebrating this year’s National Public Works Week by launching a limited edition set of City fleet trading cards. The five pack of cards showcases the unique fleet vehicles that help maintain the city and highlight the important role of Public Works crews in keeping Victoria the vibrant city we call home. 

“Public Works crews operate at the heart of our city to keep Victoria running smoothly and improve our quality of life,” said Mayor Lisa Helps. “It’s thanks to their hard work and combined dedication, that our streets are clean, our garbage is collected, and our underground system is running smoothly. National Public Works Week is a great opportunity to recognize this work, while also having a little fun with trading cards while we are at it.”

“I am excited to celebrate National Public Works Week with these new trading cards" said Deryk Lee, Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering. "It's a fun and creative way to not only recognize Victoria's impressive fleet, but also the tremendous work our crews do everyday. Young ones, and those young at heart, can enjoy them while also learning a little bit more about how important Public Works is in our city.”

The trading cards showcase five City fleet vehicles – garbage truck, Zero Waste truck, sidewalk sweeper, street sweeper and sewer cleaner – and are available to the public in a pack at City Hall while supplies last. The cards feature photos, stats on the fleet members and little-known facts about the vehicles.

National Public Works Week is taking place across North America from May 15-21 this year. The week-long event celebrates the contributions of public works in planning, building and managing the everyday operations at the core of local communities. There are over 300 employees in the City of Victoria’s Public Works Division. The City has a Green Fleet Plan that will transition fleet vehicles to electric and renewably fueled transportation alternatives in the years to come.

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