Statement from Mayor Helps on Planned Truck Convoy Protest This Weekend

Mayor Lisa Helps has released the following statement on the planned truck convoy protest this weekend in Victoria.

“As the capital city, we expect protests to take place and people to exercise their democratic right to gather and express their views.

“However, emails from residents and businesses in the wake of last weekend’s protests show that some of the people involved in the protests went beyond the right to peacefully gather and infringed on the well-being and safety of others.

“We’ve received reports of homes with ‘We HEART Healthcare Workers’ signs being egged, people using anti-Semitic and racist language, and people violating public health orders – entering businesses without masks – putting employees at risk.

“Victoria is a welcoming and inclusive city. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable. My request is that this weekend’s protests respect the values of our city and do not promote hate or put our already struggling and much-loved local businesses at further risk.”