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VicMap provides users with a wide range of data and uses, and enables citizens to directly download raw data from the map. It includes search capabilities including by address, intersection, parcel identification, park, or neighbourhood. Users can add text, lines and shapes to maps to print or share with others, or add their own data to create custom maps. It is a powerful visual tool that can display area and items of interest and overlay with high resolution aerial images.

VicMap can be launched from the image at the top of this page, or please update your bookmarks to this link:

VicMap may not launch in Internet Explorer due to issues with Microsoft updates. Please use another browser instead such as: Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.  If Internet Explorer must be used, it may work using in-private browsing (press ctrl+shift+P to open an in-private window) and copy and paste the link above.


One-click Maps

Click here to view a searchable gallery of maps and apps.

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Open Data Portal

In early 2018 the City launched a new Open Data Portal.  The new portal has all the great data from our old open data page, and now it can also be searched, sorted, filtered, and explored with a few clicks. Users no longer have to download the data before they can start working with it -- they can preview it all within the portal.
We categorized the data to help guide people toward what they are looking for, and added informative pages which highlight different data themes, and some of the applications we have built using the data. It is now easier than ever to discover all the great open data that Victoria has to offer!


PDF Maps

Click here to access PDF maps for printing, including historical zoning maps.




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