VicMap Disclaimer

These data are derived from a variety of sources, historic and current. Accuracy, completeness, correctness, and currency are not guaranteed. Persons accessing the map agree to and accept that their use of any information contained therein is entirely at their own risk. The City of Victoria assumes no obligation or liability for the use of the map data. Distribution of this data is for information purposes and should not be considered authoritative for construction, geotechnical, engineering, navigational, legal or other site-specific uses. Consulting the map service should not be considered a replacement for on-site inspections and appropriate investigations.

Ongoing updates and utility connections may not be immediately incorporated into the information available on the City of Victoria website. The underground infrastructure displayed here is not to be used as a substitute for calling before you dig. Infrastructure locations must be verified with the City of Victoria Engineering Department and BC One Call before commencing work. All zoning should be confirmed with Planning and Development Services at the City of Victoria.

If there is a conflict between the information on the web map and information contained in any other records of the City of Victoria, or documents that may be prepared by or delivered to the City of Victoria, the City of Victoria reserves the right to rely in all cases upon the record which it considers to be the most accurate and complete.

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