Background Documents

Fairfield Neighbourhood

Fairfield is one of Victoria's oldest neighbourhoods and is the largest neighbourhood in Victoria in terms of size and population, representing 15% of the City's population.

Read the Fairfield Profile [PDF - 29.4 MB]

Gonzales Neighbourhood

Gonzales is an established neighbourhood of approximately 4,000 residents, representing 5% of the City's population.

Read the Gonzales Profile [PDF - 4 MB] (Corrected March 2019 - pg 18 & 19)

Official Community Plan

The neighbourhood plan is a companion document to the official community plan. The 30-year Official Community Plan [PDF - 95.8 MB]is a guidebook for growth and change in the City. It focuses on vibrant, walkable villages and honouring the unique neighbourhood character and sense of place of different parts of the City.

Related Documents

Official Community Plan [PDF - 95.8 MB]

New Neighbourhood Plans for Victoria

Fairfield Gonzales Project Plan

Fairfield Neighbourhood Directions

Suburban Nieghbourhood Plan (Fairfield)

Cook Street Village Guidelines

Gonzales Neighbourhood Community Plan, 2002

Gonzales Neighbourhood Directions

Technical Studies and Background Information

Colliers Fairfield and Gonzales Retail Analysis January 2017 [PDF - 1 MB]

Coriolis Density Bonus and Affordable Housing April 2016 [PDF - 1.1 MB]

Coriolis City of Victoria Density Bonus Policy Study March 2015 [PDF - 1.4 MB]

Urban Futures Managing Growth and Change in Victoria 2009 [PDF - 1.7 MB]

Coriolis Financial Analysis for Potential Urban Redevelopment Opportunities

Coriolis Financial Analysis for Townhouse Redevelopment Opportunities (Memo)

Housing Affordability and the Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan

Urban Place Designations and Zoning

Neighbourhood Growth, Development and Amenity Contributions


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