Draft Plan Engagement

This page contains historical information on previous neighbourhood planning for Gonzales

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Background information:


May- June 2017 - Draft Plan Engagement

The draft Gonzales neighbourhood plan was released to the community for feedback in spring 2017. The plan was developed based on community input over the previous three phases engagement. During the draft plan engagement, every household was mailed a brochure with the plan highlights and links to the full plan as well as an online survey. Four events were held, two open houses and two drop-in events. Six ‘Pizza and a Planner’ events were also held, in which community members invited their neighbours into their homes and the City provided a planner and pizza.

The feedback was compiled, analyzed and considered for revisions to the plan.

Read the Draft Plan Engagement Summary (July 2017)

Find out more about feedback and directions for Heritage

Read the Raw Notes

  • 112 people completed the online survey: report
  • 130 people attended two open houses: notes
  • 40 people attended two drop-in events
  • 80 people attended six Pizza and a Planner events: notes
  • Emails received about the neighbourhood plan

Housing Info Sheets
Apartments and Townhouses Along Fairfield Road
Duplex on Standard Sized Lot
Duplex with suite and Small lot house with suite
Rowhouses on wider lots