Flowers, funk and full of energy.

What Our Neighbourhood Looks Like

Full of colour and home to many of Victoria’s artists, Fernwood is well-loved by its residents.  Fernwood is a residential neighbourhood with Fernwood Square at the heart of its village centre.  The square is the community’s gathering place with seasonal markets and lively summer celebrations.  Outstanding theatrical productions at the Belfry Theatre draw Victorians to the village and its unique shops and cozy eateries.

Across the street, the Fernwood Community Association hosts a second theatre company, Theatre Inconnu, as well as a variety of other arts and social activities.  The nearby community centre is busy with care for children and a wide range of social and recreational programs for all ages. Victoria High School, the oldest public high school west of Winnipeg, is a prominent landmark adjacent to the village.


Fernwood has several neighbourhood parks. Stevenson Park has playground equipment and open lawns next to the community centre.  Stadacona Park, to the south, hosts several tennis courts amongst well-established trees and garden beds. Several other parks are located in amongst residential areas of the neighbourhood.


The original Victoria High School opened in 1876, making it the oldest high school west of Winnipeg and south of San Francisco. The current Vic High building on Grant Street is the fourth iteration of the Capital City's high school, it opened its doors in 1914.

Gardens and Markets

Neighbourhood Hotsheets

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