2016 Great Neighbourhood Grant Recipients

Below is a complete listing, sorted by neighbourhood, of the grants awarded in 2016.

Where possible, sample images of the project have been provided. Once completed, a picture of the finished project will be posted.

Burnside Gorge

Rock Bay Sculpture Series – the creation of the first in a series of metal sculptures throughout the Rock Bay neighbourhood. Awarded $2310.

(samples of possible sculptures)

Rock Bay Creek Revival – Installation and design of 3-5 wayfinding posts to raise awareness of watershed activities in the neighbourhood. The marker is intended to be a 4 sided obelisk-style, 5 feet 6 inches tall, covered with local art. Awarded $4,750. Design currently being worked on.

Downtown / Harris Green

Uniquely Victorian mural – commissioning of a selected artist to paint a defined mural design on a building in the downtown. Awarded $5000. Design currently being worked on.

Yates Street Community Garden – establishment of a community garden on a city lot in the 1000 block of Yates Street.

Innovation Tree – installation of 1,000 audio-reactive lights in the birch tree at the Humboldt and Wharf Street intersection. Awarded $5000.

Edible Streetscapes – installation of 12 planters filled with food plants on business frontages in the Blanshard and Fort area in the downtown. Awarded $5,000.

Shopping Bags Mural – painting a mural at the back of 940 Fort Street. Awarded $5,000.

Fairfield / Gonzales

Cook Street Boulevard Enhancement – creation of a kitchen garden, native plant demonstration area and public seating on Cook Street and McKenzie boulevard. Awarded $5,000.

Fairfield Food Forest Infrastructure Project – installation of a tool shed, bench and pergola in Porter Park food forest. Awarded $4,400.

The Welcoming Watershed – construction of a garden shed and improved water distribution system in Springridge Common Garden. Awarded $5,000.

Lighting Up Fernwood Square – installation of overhead decorative lighting in Gladstone Square. Awarded $3,490.

Central Middle School Naturalized Playspace – addition of cedar benches, boulder placement and corridor of trees. Awarded $5,000

Ecole George Jay Elementary School Welcome Pole – creation and installation of a welcoming totem pole and landscaped area at the entrance to the school grounds. Awarded $5,000.

James Bay

James Bay New Horizons – expansion of pollinator garden into Irving Park, connecting to the apiary. Awarded $5,000.

North Jubilee

North Jubilee Spirit Garden Revitalization and new green play space. Awarded $5,000.


(possible designs for the mobile shed)

Mobile Community Resource and Tool Shed - A mobile shed intended for community tool use and other resources for community gardens. Awarded $5,000.


Rockland Greenway Interpretive Signage – interpretive signage for wayfinding to Rockland Avenue historical sites. Awarded $5,000.

South Jubilee

South Jubilee Mobile Activity Space – a mobile pop-up outdoor community centre. Awarded $5,000.

Vic West

ThoughSpots Parklets project – a series of 9 temporary, modular “activations” designed to inspire creativity and interaction in public spaces. Awarded $5,000.

Vic West School Naturalized Playground – development of a naturalized playground at Vic West Elementary school/ Awarded $5,000.

Banfield Commons and Community Orchard signs – educational signs in the common gardens and community orchard. Awarded $3,265.

Gorge Waterway web-based temperature measurement system – letting residents know the temperature of the Gorge for swimming. Awarded $1,500.