Census Information

Below is a summary of the key social and economic data of our residents from our 2011 Census.

It provides a picture of who our residents are and how we compare to, or fit with, other municipalities, the region, or the province. The data was provided by Statistics Canada.
Census - Mobility Census - Labour Census - Resident Incomes Census - Housing
Mobility of Victorians [PDF - 707 KB]
Victoria's Labour Force [PDF - 709 KB]
Victoria Resident Incomes [PDF - 845 KB] Victoria Housing [PDF - 1004 KB]
Census - Families Census - Education Census - Population  
Family Structure and Marital Status [PDF - 745 KB] Education [PDF - 749 KB] Population [PDF - 1014 KB]  

Statistics Canada information is used with the permission of Statistics Canada. Users are forbidden to copy the data and re-disseminate them, in an original or modified form for commercial purposes, without the expressed permission of Statistics Canada. Information on the data can be obtained from www.statcan.gc.ca.