Locating Here

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and a community of choice for many, due to our temperate climate, natural beauty, and diverse economic opportunities.

Approximately 94,000 people call Victoria home and we are the economic and entertainment centre for the Capital Region. We enjoy the mildest climate in Canada and are located in a sub-Mediterranean zone. This, combined with our spectacular outdoor setting adorned with ocean views and mountain vistas, encourage year round recreational opportunities including hiking, golfing, cycling, gardening and kayaking.

Our prime location, midway between Europe and Asia, provides easy access from almost anywhere in the world. Victoria is an international resort destination serving more than 3.5 million visitors each year. Transportation network includes airport, helicopter and seaplane services, buses, ferry, cruise ship and passenger train service. Victoria is a 1.5 hour ferry ride or 20 minute flight to Vancouver and a 45 minute flight from Victoria's Harbour to Seattle's Harbour.


Victoria is a city where learning opportunities abound.

We have a number of public and independent education facilities, and are fortunate to host some of the top universities in the country.

Public Schools

Public elementary, middle and secondary schools are available throughout Greater Victoria. Three school boards govern public schools in Greater Victoria.

Independent Schools

Several independent schools also operate within Victoria. For more information visit the Federation of Independent School Assocation's website.



Victoria is a welcoming and inclusive city.

We have a rich and varied history in Victoria, one of many cultures. We are proud of our First Nations heritage, and have the oldest Chinatown in Canada.
For more information on cultural organizations in the City, or if you are a new immigrant to Canada, please visit the links below:


Greater Victoria's health care needs are served by Island Health ( formerly Vancouver Island Health Authority).

Island Health provides services through a network of hospitals, clinics, centres, health units and residential facilities. Across the Island, more than 17,000 health care professionals, technicians, and support staff provide excellent care and services. For more information on hospitals and health services in Victoria visit the Island Health website.