Suzhou, China

Suzhou, China was adopted as a Twin City by Victoria City Council on July 17, 1980.

Chinese often call Suzhou a "Paradise on Earth" as well as the "Land of Fish and Rice". Located in the fertile lands of the lower Yangtze Valley, it is indeed a bountiful land, yielding rich harvests on the land and from fresh water aquaculture.
Throughout its long and colourful 2500 year history, our twin city has maintained a reputation as a centre of education and culture. Recently it has become one of China's economic marvels with a dynamic economy based on electronics, technology, textiles and tourism.

The picturesque heart of Suzhou, typified by a series of ancient canals and bridges also contains a number of renowned classical Chinese gardens - evocative relics of a glorious past. The spectacular building boom resulting from the economic growth is directed in the areas outside the city core which preserves the ancient heritage of "Old Suzhou".

Contact for the Suzhou, China Community Association

Alan Yuen