City Government Records

The City of Victoria Archives is the official repository for all civic records of permanent value to the City of Victoria.

These records come from various City departments including the Mayor's Office, City Manager, Finance, Solicitor's, Engineering and Parks. The records date from the City's incorporation in 1862.

Descriptions of City government records can be searched via the Archives' Online Search.

A wide variety of reports by and about the City are also available. These published and unpublished City documents (CDs) include neighbourhood plans, transportation studies, heritage reports, downtown studies, as well as economic and social profiles, surveys, and architectural proposals. These documents are non-circulating reference copies. Please contact the appropriate City department for publications that may still be available for purchase.

Descriptions of City Document (CD) descriptions can be searched via the Archives' Online Search.


Image above: Douglas Street looking north from the roof of the Toronto Dominion Bank, 1950 [CVA M05839]