The Archives acquires records of local businesses, organizations and people.

Correspondence, financial records, diaries, legal records, photographs and other documents which relate to the history of Victoria are all potentially of interest.

If you have material which you think might be of interest to the Archives, please write or call with a brief description. While many items are of historical value, not all material falls within the scope of our mandate.

Donations can be brought to the Archives, or if you are in the local area we may be able to have an archivist come to you.

We ask that you please not reorganize or repair materials prior to donating them as the original order is important to us. Attempting to repair materials may cause irreparable damage.


Image above: Helmcken family at "Seaview Farm", View Royal. L to R: Denise Harris (child), Chester Harris, Rita McTavish, J.S. Helmcken (Jr.), Dorothy McTavish, Cecilia Helmcken, Ethel Helmcken (Mrs. J.D.), Ethel Helmcken, Edith Helmcken, Ainslie, H. D. Helmcken, ca. 1903-1905 [CVA M07663]