Fort Victoria Brick Project

The Fort Victoria Brick Project was an undertaking of the Greater Victoria Civic Archives Society, which sought to commemorate early Victoria pioneers and settlers by outlining the boundaries of the original fort with a double row of bricks, each engraved with the name of a pioneer. 

The bricks are located mostly on the west side of Government Street from Bastion Square/View Street down almost to Broughton Street. Some of the bricks are located in an outline of the old bastion at Government Street and Bastion Square, while others descend from the bastion west into Bastion Square. The pages listed below provide, for each brick, the name(s) inscribed on it, any biographical information available on the pioneer, and the brick's location code. A separate file indicates the current street address closest to each brick, as indicated by the brick's location code.


Image above: Fort Victoria. To the left, Governor Douglas' headquarters, to the right the building used as a church and school, ca. 1860 [CVA M05380]